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Amazon has this handy How to Brand Yourself eBook for FREE! This is a great guide for branding yourself and using personal branding strategies to promote yourself. Plus it's a $4.99 value! A personal brand is in many ways synonymous with your reputation. It’s important to understand that people are judged within the first ten minutes of meeting someone. Thus, any of your personal characteristics that evoke sentiments, attitudes, impressions, and beliefs are all part of your personal branding. … [Continue reading...]

The Truth About Writing

I've been writing since I could form letters with a pencil, and before. I used to draw picture books for my father to sell in his bookstore when I was 4 and 5. It helps to have connections. English Composition was always my best subject, I won the awards I tried for (sometimes I wonder if anyone else entered, though), and frankly, I had rather great expectations of myself. Pride goeth before a fall. I probably should have majored in something to do with writing in college, but I guess my … [Continue reading...]

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Selling on Amazon: Professional Seller versus Individual Seller

If you read my previous post How To Start Selling Items on Amazon then you know that there are two different accounts that you can choose between when selling on Professional and Individual. Here is an infographic from that shows you some differences between the two accounts:     So, how do you decide between the two? It really depends on how many items you plan on selling. If you have an inventory already built up (featuring desirable items) … [Continue reading...]

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5 Steps to Refresh Your Blog

Refresh Your Blog

It’s a new season and the holiday season is coming up fast. There is a lot happening in the blog world with DIYs Halloween and thanksgiving crafts showing up everywhere, and holiday gift guides, this means a lot of new readers could be headed your way. And we always want to look our best for our readers. Refresh your blog in a few, somewhat, easy steps. Remove old or underperforming widgets. You should be cleaning up and out your sidebar every few months. Which are the best preforming … [Continue reading...]

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