5 Steps to Refresh Your Blog

Refresh Your Blog

It’s a new season and the holiday season is coming up fast. There is a lot happening in the blog world with DIYs Halloween and thanksgiving crafts showing up everywhere, and holiday gift guides, this means a lot of new readers could be headed your way. And we always want to look our best for our readers. Refresh your blog in a few, somewhat, easy steps. Remove old or underperforming widgets. You should be cleaning up and out your sidebar every few months. Which are the best preforming … [Continue reading...]

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Do you use Instagram? If so, right now you can get this handy Instant Profits with Instagram: Build Your Brand, Explode Your Business eBook for FREE! In his eBook, Issa Asad Instant Profits with Instagram, Issa Asad exposes the industry secrets on profiting from Instagram, and the multitude of ways businesses can promote their products and services on the social media marketing platform. Issa Asad Instant Profits with Instagram provides you with the ultimate guide to build your brand and … [Continue reading...]

How and Why You Should Resize and Optimize Your Images for your Blog

Why should you resize and compress your images (or optimize them). Find out why and how! It's not that hard!

What's the big deal about resizing and compressing images? If you have been blogging long enough, I'm sure you have read post such as, "What I Wish I Would Have Known When I First Started Blogging." Well, here is mine, "What I What I Wish I Would Have Known When I First Started Blogging." When I started blogging, I knew nothing about pictures!  I just uploaded them to my blog!  The first thing I learned was that I should watermark them in some way by adding my blog's URL.  Then I learned … [Continue reading...]

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If you are thinking about starting your won business, here's a great resource! Amazon has this handy and highly-rated How to Start a Business eBook for FREE! Learn how to start a business, from A to Z. This colorful and engaging eBook will break down how to develop your business idea, pitch to investors, hire your first employees, court mentors, attract excellent board members, monetize your product, track your revenue, market on a budget, get customers and keep them! … [Continue reading...]

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Calling all Twitter users! If you own a business and use Twitter, here's a great freebie! Right now you can get this handy Twitter Marketing That Doesn't Suck - How to Use Twitter to Sell More Stuff eBook  for FREE! Twitter marketing works. No. Really. It does. All those tweets and retweets and follows and hashtags can do a lot more than show you what Kim Kardashian is wearing and what felony Lindsay Lohan committed. Twitter marketing can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to spread … [Continue reading...]

How To Start Selling Items on Amazon

amazon merchant 1

Twenty Years ago if you heard the word  "Amazon" you would most likely think of the river or rain forest bearing it's name. These days, however, any normal person would probably first think of the worlds leading online retailer. Amazon.com was formed in 2004 and has continued to grow rapidly in the number of products it offers and customers it serves on a daily basis. Most of us who shop online will first check Amazon.com before any other site when looking to make a purchase. In efforts to … [Continue reading...]

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Right now on Amazon you can get this handy Make Money From Home eBook for FREE! This easy read to full of helpful tips on making money from home online. Your about to discover 6 profitable hidden methods to earning $12,000 per month from home. I have been able to earn this type of income by using 6 methods to getting paid online. Working from home making thousands of dollars every month online has given me complete control in my life. The pleasure of being able to work whenever I want is the … [Continue reading...]

3 Ways to Keep Your Blog Loaded with Fresh Content

Keep Your Blog Loaded with Content

We all have great intentions when it comes to blogging. We have wonderful ideas for our blogs, from the design, to the content and community we want to build. However, most bloggers, myself included, have voiced the infamous “I don’t have time to blog” phrase out of frustration. After all, coming up with fresh blog ideas isn’t necessarily the challenge. The challenge is finding the time to write, edit, and publish our blog content. Here are a few quick ideas to help you combat this … [Continue reading...]