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Working and Blogging and Loving Life #QoL

I previously wrote a post on Working Full Time and Blogging. In that post I shared what my daily schedule looks like. Since writing the post I have changed to a job location closer to home so I am not driving quite as much but the general schedule still looks the same. I am not going to sugar coat things – working full time and blogging (particularly at this scale) can be very challenging. I have been tweaking my lifestyle over the past few years and am happier than ever. There are a … [Read More...]

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FREE Sell Your Crafts On Facebook! eBook

Wow! If you have been wanting to learn way to sell your homemade items on Facebook, check out this great freebie! Right now on on Amazon you can get this handy Sell Your Crafts On Facebook! eBook for FREE! Are you struggling to make money with your … [Read More...]

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Grow Your Instagram Account, Quickly and Simply

Grow Your Instagram

I was late in joining Instagram, only joining at the beginning of 2014.  All I really had to share were daily pictures of my kids, something I might be cooking and didn't feel like sharing a million pictures of nothing. I didn't spend much time … [Read More...]

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Vehicle Choices For Your Family

Turning into a soccer mom (or dad) is a tough decision for many parents. Admitting defeat and that a sports car will no longer meet the needs of your family is a choice that haunts many parents. One … [Read More...]

Brand Analysis: Yellowberry

The topic of branding is fascinating and complex, and I love to examine brands that impress me, either positively or negatively. One brand that I recently became aware of is Yellowberry, a brand … [Read More...]