How To Set Up a Favicon on WordPress

How To Set Up a Favicon on Wordpress

Today I'm going to show you how to set up your own favicon for WordPress. A favicon is a great small touch to make your blog or website look more professional. I always wanted one, and always thought that they would be way too complicated for me to figure out. But not so much anymore. Wondering what a favicon is?  You see that little picture in your tab next to the name of the site that your currently looking at? That's a favicon. Just another part of branding. There are a couple ways … [Continue reading...]

Preparing Your Blog for a Holiday Gift Guide

Preparing Your Blog for a Holiday Gift Guide

Many Bloggers do them-Holiday Gift Guides. They may seem daunting and overwhelming or perhaps you feel your Blog is not 'big enough' yet. I'm here to tell you that it is not all about numbers and with proper planning and organization, it really is not as daunting as you think in some aspects. I recently wrote 'How to plan & Maintain a Holiday Gift Guide' ( on my own Blog and it is there I talk about how to contact brands and maintain communication and present their … [Continue reading...]

How to Run a Sale in Your eBay Store

ebay store sale 1

Running a sale on your eBay store is a great tool for increasing your sales. eBay makes it simple to set up a sale on multiple items at the same time for whatever discount price or percentage you prefer. Once you have logged onto your eBay account pull down the My eBay drop menu and choose Selling. Next, you want to pull down the Account drop menu and choose Manage My Store. This will bring you to a summary of your store and you want to click on the link for Markdown … [Continue reading...]

8 Things That Are Essential To A Great Blog

8 things that are essential to a good blog

  Are you thinking of starting your own blog? Or maybe you have started one but are not really sure how to make it great. Here is a list of the 8 things that I think make a great blog. Contact Page - put it in your menu bar or somewhere that is easy to find.   It is so important to have your information out there for everyone to find.  If an advertiser comes to your page and can't contact you, they will move on.  No need to search for your info when bloggers are a dime a dozen … [Continue reading...]

Google+ Post 3: Circles, Communities, and Hangouts

circles, communities, and hangout on air on G+

In post #1, we shared many reasons why bloggers should use Google+, and in post #2, we talked primarily about SEO and authorship which will really help your blog show up in Google search engines. This post will get down to the what you use every day in Google+. Every day, you will use your circles; and if you are smart, you will get in some communities and build relationships.  Then, Google Hangouts are just awesome--Facebook has nothing like it! Before we get into circles, there are a … [Continue reading...]

Birth of a Blog: Post-Launch Panic

I’m sort of a pessimist. When things go awry, even if I moan and pout about it, I’m not surprised. When things go well, I sometimes freak out. It’s all downhill from here, right? That’s what happened with the blog launch. Apparently, all my hyping for months ahead of time worked. I had over 100 views the first day, which I was pretty happy with. I also had a sale in my Etsy shop because of it, and an appointment for a “house for sale” tour. It was all going just as well and better than I’d … [Continue reading...]

Do You Really Need a Facebook Page for Your Business?

Do You Really Need a Facebook Page for Your Business?

As a web designer and computer consultant on the side, I'm often asked by clients who are just getting started online "Do I need to create a Facebook page for my business?" While my answer is almost an unequivocal "Yes!" there are a few special circumstances in which I would not advise a Facebook business page. Or at the least, I would advise holding off for a while if any of these apply to you: Computers are just not your thing. One my clients is a master woodworker; he spends most of his … [Continue reading...]

Sales, Deals and Creative Marketing

Sales, Deals and Creative Marketing

There comes a time in every business when you have been around long enough to understand your sales trends and what the market is doing. Some industries make for easy reads. Home made jewelry sells quite well around Mother's Day and Christmas. Furnaces sell well in the fall and new air conditioners are typically installed in the spring. Years ago, the best deals on new vehicles came in January and February as dealerships needed to clear out inventory to allow the new models to have space on … [Continue reading...]