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How To Make a REAL Income Blogging

make a real income blogging

This post contains affiliate links from companies that I use to make a real income blogging.  Everyone has been asking me lately how I make money blogging (you can find my Your Modern Family blogging income here).   I want to tell you exactly how I do it. It is hard work, but I am willing to do it because I have real goals that I want to reach. My financial goals (I am going to make it happen by blogging): - Pay off the house early - Have my husband work with me full time - Pay for our … [Continue reading...]

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Vendor Etiquette and Tips

Handmade by Rishshells at her table!

We've all been to a show (craft fair, swap meet, baby show) where we've looked around at the other vendors and compared how they act at their table to ourselves.  Wonder what makes them sales...or doesn't and what is the best way to attract customers to your table at shows?  Here it is for you, a list of vendor etiquette that will help you be the best you can be when you are representing your business! 1. Attire.  There's three type of ways to dress at a show.  Dress clothes - like you're … [Continue reading...]

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Buying from a Work-at-Home-Mom: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself


Note: In this blog post, I'm using the common WAHM acronym as a catch-all to include any type of work-from-home business. I'm a Work-at-Home-Mom or WAHM. I don't sew beautiful baby clothing or do wonderful things with beads and wires, but I do conduct business from home, and completing my work in a timely and professional manner is a priority for me. Unfortunately, I've learned from experience that not all WAHM's operate in this fashion. Online purchases that go sour play out something … [Continue reading...]

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