How To Create Vertical Pin for Pinterest

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Knowing the perfect Pinterest Pin size and using it to stand out among all the other pins becomes increasingly important, in my opinion, as Pinterest continues to grow in popularity. Your single photo pins will get lost in the shuffle.  Larger pins with multiple photos might get noticed more in your main feed and repinned more often. When in doubt, start with 736 pixels wide by 2000 pixels high. With the right design, it stands out nicely in the stream of pins. When opened, it fills the … [Continue reading...]

How To Handle Bad Reviews: From One WAHM To Another

How To Handle Bad Reviews

Whether it be a bad review, an angry email from a customer or a mean comment on a blog, here are some tips on how to deal with the "dissatisfied customer". If you're relating this to your blog think of the customer as your audience. Sleep on it Take a day before answering. As with everyday relationships, you will most likely regret replying to someone in anger. If you verbally abuse your customer, no matter how good it feels, word will get out and it will ruin the impression of your … [Continue reading...]

How to Be Lucky in Business

After being in business for almost 5 years, there’s one thing I can say with certainty about our business. That we were a tad lucky. Good things happened for us. We made valuable connections. But being lucky in business and “real life” isn’t always about something that happens to you. You can be a full participant in being truly “lucky” just by how you go about your daily lives and how you interact with the people you come across. Totally. For example, early in our business, I had made a … [Continue reading...]

Beamly – A New Way to Watch Television

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  As a busy Mom, there is nothing I want to do more at the end of the day than to sit down and relax as I catch up on some of my favourite television shows. It is a great time to unwind from the chaos that ensued throughout the day. One of my favourite new apps, which enhances my television watching pleasure is Beamly. Check out my Beamly profile and follow along with my favourite TV Rooms. It is so much fun to chat with other Grey's Anatomy fans and find out who else is rooting … [Continue reading...]

3 Top Ways to Add FUN to Your Workouts

3 Top Ways to Add FUN to Your Workouts

A Fun Workout you may ask? Is there such a thing? The answer is YES! Workouts come in all shapes and sizes. And can be fun! Yes it begins with how you look at it. If you dread a workout from the beginning then that is what you will probably get, but if you are ready to see 3 things that can add Fun to your workouts pay close attention! Find something you enjoy! Do something active that you LIKE to do! If you do not like to go to the gym and workout find something else that you enjoy doing. … [Continue reading...]

Why Blogging Makes Cents for Businesses

Why Blogging Makes Cents for Businesses

Recently a friend and I were chatting about what I do for a living: I support small businesses in managing blogs, newsletters, websites and social media accounts that tell stories about the wonderful product and services my clients offer. I am a storyteller, even if seldom I attach my name to what I write. This friend was amazed (appropriately curious, not rudely gobsmacked) that there was a market for what I do. She thought it was wonderful, but outside her impression of the usual marketing … [Continue reading...]

How Video Content Is Revolutionizing Learning Infographic

Feel free to share this infographic with your readers. Thanks for taking the time to visit! Presented by KZO Business Video Platform … [Continue reading...]

Sverve Scoring: How it Works and How You Can Improve Yours

Sverve Scoring: How it Works and How You Can Improve Yours

Welcome to the next installment on Sverve. Be sure to read about getting started with Sverve and getting paid through Sverve in my previous posts. So, you have signed up for Sverve and are now wondering about your Sverve Score and what it is all about? Your Sverve Score is a representation of your reach as an influencer. This includes your followers via social media, what and where you have written online, and your overall reputation. Sverve compiles this information via statistics you … [Continue reading...]