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A Story About Budgeting

Let Me Tell You a Story About Budgets

Do you like stories? Stick around! Do you like budgets? No? Well, if you want to hear the story, you're going to hear about budgets. It's a two-for-one deal. These stories will help skeptics to see in a very concrete way how a budget helps your finances...and your relationships. Look at these scenarios and ask yourself "Which is better?" Scenario One: Adelle badly needs a new pair of boots for winter. She's at the store creating a baby registry and sees the perfect pair of boots in a … [Read More...]

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5 Easy Ways to Boost Traffic

5 Easy Ways to Boost Traffic Right Now

Traffic is potentially the most important element of a blog. While all bloggers write because they enjoy it in some way, most are also writing to drive traffic, to get readers, and to build a community. But when you spend hours designing your blog, … [Read More...]

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Make Money With Your Website

Make Money With Your Website

Are you a publisher who is interested in making money with their website or blog? The idea probably sounds interesting, but many publishers aren't really sure where and how to start marketing their … [Read More...]


FREE Social Media Marketing eBook

If you having been wanting to use social media to promote your business, check out this great freebie! Amazon has this handy Social Media Marketing eBook for FREE! Is your competition outranking … [Read More...]


Is Google+ Really Going Away?

Do you have a Google+ profile? If so, you might have heard that Google Plus is going away. The rumors are true. This social media platform, which has been jostling for its place among giants like … [Read More...]

How to repurpose your content

How to Repurpose Your Content

You know how you think you write a blog post, share it on social media a couple times, and you’re done with it? Well, think again! I have 6 easy ways you can repurpose content from your website and … [Read More...]