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3 easy ways to build your brand awareness and grow your business in the new year. TotsBusiness.com

3 Easy Ways to Build Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness does not need to be difficult or costly. Read on to see 3 easy ways to start building your brand now! 1. Start a Podcast Podcasting has been around for a few years, but it has taken off in popularity as of late because brands and bloggers are realizing the enormous marketing potential. A podcast is an audio recording typically 20-45 minutes in length. Typically published weekly, podcast topics can vary as widely as the number of company brands and blog niches will … [Read More...]

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If you are looking to make some extra income, check out this great ebook! Right now on Amazon you can get this handy Passive Income 101 eBook for FREE! This is a wonderful resource to have handy and it's a $2.99 value! Discover the life changing … [Read More...]


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FREE Accounting Simplified eBook

Right now on Amazon you can get this handy Accounting Simplified eBook for FREE! This is perfect for anyone looking to learn new financial strategizes for your business. As a starter, any business … [Read More...]