✔️Work at Home with 50+ Greeting Card Companies


Did you know there are opportunities to work at home with greeting card companies? **Updated September 14th, 2020**


Did you know there are opportunities to work at home with greeting card companies?


The greeting card Industry is a $7 billion dollar Market.

Greeting card companies hire freelancers in two different fields to work for them.

They hire freelance writers as well as freelance artists and photographers.

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Work at Home with Greeting Card Companies

Abacus Cards

Abacus accepts illustrations and photographs for its cards, by snail mail and e-mail.

Abbey Press

Abbey Press is not currently accepting unsolicited designs, but you can contact the company to find out when submissions may open up.

Allport Editions

Accepts artful, humorous designs and art related to specific cities or states.

Allow 12 to 16 weeks for a response.

Amber Lotus Publishing

Submit your concepts to Amber Lotus publishing company for review.

Submissions are reviewed quicker when you send them between April through July.

Amber Lotus will respond if they find the submission appropriate for a specific product.

All materials must be submitted electronically and they will reach out to you if they are interested.

American Greetings

American Greetings does not accept unsolicited submissions.

They have a formal process in place to submit your ideas.

First you need to complete their disclosure agreement and send it to the address listed on the form.

Other freelance opportunities are listed on the company’s Job Opportunities website.

You can also send them your ideas with the agreement, but they will not look at your submissions without the disclosure agreement completed.

Artists to Watch

Artists to Watch accepts only digital submissions of up to 10 at a time. You must follow the submission calendar listed on its website.

Avanti Press

Avanti asks you to mail samples of your work for review that will not be returned.

Avanti does not accept electronic submissions at this time – wow old school.

Bayview Press

Payview Press may accept work from artists so make sure you check back to learn when or if they are accepting applications.

Blue Mountain Arts

Blue Mountain Arts seeks contemporary prose and poetry submissions from freelancers that are written from personal experience.

The submissions must be in the areas of family, friendship and love, but they also consider specific occasion submissions as well.

“We are looking for new, original, and creative writings that do not sound like anything we have already published.

The poem length does not matter, so long as it can fit on a card.

We publish both long and short pieces anywhere from 50 to 300 words.”

You can send your ideas to them via email or snail mail. Submissions selected for further review will receive a response within 8 weeks.

Brush Dance

Send Brush Dance a link to your online gallery of artwork or photographs through their Contact email, email the company some samples, for consideration for use in its cards and calendars.

Bug Art

This UK company accepts freelance designer submissions of photos or artwork.

You’ll get royalties for all cards sold with your design.

Calypso Cards 

Calypso Cards reviews writer submissions several times per year, and will contact you if your original ideas are a good fit.


An artist’s work is reviewed on an individual basis.

Caspari reviews each work on artistic merit and whether the design and style relates to the current range of Caspari products.


CardGnome can be compared to a website like Fiverr or perhaps Etsy.

This site offers a unique way to sell your greeting cards.

You simply upload your artwork and create your own online shop.

If anyone purchases cards from your shop, you earn a royalty on each card sold.

They offer “no-worry” order fulfillment and an artist friendly license agreement.

Comstock Marketplace

Comstock Marketplace accepts submissions for gag lines and ideas.

The company mostly focuses on adult humor, so they accept ideas in the areas of adult humor cartoons and verses in addition to professional photos of guys and girls.

Keep in mind that they are looking for adult humor that ranges from mildly risqué to rude and crude.

Their line of cards include Naughty Nudes, Krack Ups and BoyTown News.

You can send your submission to them by email or snail mail. And they will notify you in 8-10 weeks if they accept your submission.

Comstock Marketplace will pay you $50 for each submission they accept.

Crown Point Graphics

This site welcomes greeting card art submissions, “We are always looking to buy or license new art!”

Crown Point is looking for art in all variety of occasions and all styles of art – there are no limitations specified.

Send your submission through their contact form.


“At DaySpring we are committed to the publication of greeting cards as a ministry. We believe the ministry of our cards is found in the truth of Scripture and in the heart of God. We see greeting cards as tools to help Christians communicate their hearts and God’s heart to the hearts of others. The quality of our cards is meant to enhance the presentation of its message.”

Make sure you review their “Submission Procedure” before you start submitting your materials.

Designer Greetings 

This company occasionally seeks writers and editors to help out with its writing and design process for greeting cards.

You won’t usually find the jobs on its website, but job search sites like Indeed and Monster will sometimes host them.


Are you more into witty sayings and slogans than sentimental verses?

This company is looking for your short, witty and even offensive sayings.

Reach out to them via their contact form.


You will need your glasses to read this site’s Submission guidelines 🤣

Artwork and images are reviewed for a variety of uses like greeting cards as well as notecards, posters and T-shirts.

They will also accept a gallery in the form of a website for review which is different from everyone else listed here.

You can send them your submissions via postal mail only and you can send them up to 40 images.

You can also email them a link to your website where your portfolio is showcased.

The company will only accept laser copies, promotional pieces and photocopies.

Planet Zoo welcomes photos of wild animals in their natural habitat.

They will not accept photos of caged animals or birds sitting on a picnic table.

Photos must be of animals in natural habitats.

You can send up to 10 low resolution photos to them for consideration by email.

Gallant Greetings

Gallant Greetings is currently not accepting submissions, but will open submissions on its website as needed.

Galison Mudpuppy

Submit your artwork to Galison Mudpuppy for consideration via e-mail or snail mail.

The company will contact you if it has a project that you’ll be a good fit for.

Gina B Designs

Gine B Designs accepts artwork submissions with “excellent composition and use of color”.

The company reviews submissions throughout the year, and will keep your artwork on file for future use.

Great Arrow

Great Arrow says “We are always on the lookout for new talent and great designs to add to our award winning card collections for everyday and Holidays.”

They suggest you download submission guidelines and deadlines from their website.

It Takes Two

An interesting company formed by the talents of an artist Mother and part-time greeting card writer Daughter

They are interested in collaborations with new artists and ask, “Do you have a commitment to excellence and a portfolio full of beautiful designs that are just waiting to be discovered?”

Kalan Idea Factory

Always looking for something new they want you to submit “Funny Stuff” or humorous cards copy, “From Greeting Card Copy to One-Liners for magnets, shot glasses, and other product lines, we encourage you to submit your ideas. Chosen submissions will be compensated.”

Send Kalan Idea Factory an email through their contact page.

Leanin’ Tree

Leanin’ Tree has the most detailed submission calendar we have seen.

The link in this heading takes you directly to their schedule with content theme and dates.

All original artwork submissions must be sent via email. In fact they do not accept physical art submissions.

Submission formats are also very specific so make sure you understand the details before you send anything.

If you do not hear back within 4 – 8 weeks, it was not a good fit.

Madison Park Group

This company looks for unique artwork for its designs. E-mail up to 3 submissions, or mail up to 6 samples. The company will contact you if interested.

NobleWorks Cards

You will need to fill out a detailed online form to request details on Writers’ guidelines, Artists Guidelines and Cartoonist Guidelines.

Noble Works Cards views themselves, “As one of the leading humor card publishers, we strive to find funny, unique, risqué and carefully-crafted card suppliers to help stock our virtual shelves.”

Oatmeal Studios

Oatmeal Studios is a greeting card company that specializes in humorous greeting cards.

Their line of cards cover a wide array of occasions including congratulations, retirement, anniversary, milestone birthdays, wedding, new baby, Valentine’s Day, miss you, thank you and get well soon.

They are looking for submissions that are not intense in poetic verse, but instead want funny ideas that express how people usually talk.

You can send your ideas to them through email or snail mail and they pay $75 for each accepted submission.

While Hallmark does not accept unsolicited ideas directly, their line of Shoebox greeting cards does allow for freelance opportunities.

They are looking for submissions that are funny and unexpected as well as light-hearted.

You can send them your ideas by email and they will accept 5-8 ideas at a time.

Did you know there are opportunities to work at home with greeting card companies?

P.S. Greetings

You can submit your writings to P.S. Greetings via snail mail with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and the company will let you know if any are accepted.

Palm Press Inc.

Palm Press Inc. accepts submissions throughout the year for most occasions as well as specific subject matter.

The company is basically looking for images that are conventional, fresh and distinct.

Palm Press Inc. accepts images for occasions such as birthday, get well, anniversary, new baby, new home, graduation, Mother’s Day.

They also accept images such as everyday life, sporting activities, wildlife, gardens, flowers, animals, babies, children, love, romance and humor.

You can send them a link to your website or you can email up to 10 images under 1MB.

You can also send them your images through postal mail.

If they decide to use your work, they will contact you within 2-3 weeks.

Payview Press may accept work from artists so make sure you check back to learn when or if they are accepting applications.

CardGnome can be compared to a website like Fiverr or perhaps Etsy.


Papyrus accepts portfolio submissions from artists who would like to collaborate with the company for greeting card designs.

Unfortunately the only method of submission is via snail mail.

Peaceable Kingdom

This company is a family-owned business focused on cooperative play in children.

It creates greeting cards for children and accepts submissions from artists.

Submit via the contact form or mail, and expect to wait about 4 to 6 weeks for a response.

Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo tells us, “We are always looking for the next great image! Some things to consider: We only license photographs of wildlife in their natural habitat without any human footprint. (No Stellar’s Jay on the picnic table, no images of caged animals, etc)

Planet Zoo accepts up to 10 low-resolution images of animals in their natural habitat.

They will get back to you if they like your images.


This site accepts artwork and photography and offers some rather detailed instructions on how to submit.

PS Greetings

This company accepts submissions by mail only and you must enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with your correspondence.

Recycled Paper Greetings

With this company, you can send up to 10 of your illustrations or drawings for consideration.

Keep in mind that the review process may take several months to complete.

R.S.V.P. Sellers

Sellers Publishing, which is under the RSVP umbrella, seeks both written content and images for its lines of note cards and greeting cards.

You can send up to 20 images of your best work per single submission.

While they accept submissions all year round, your best chance is to submit materials between March and October.

Shade Tree Greetings

Your family photographs taken between 1945 and 1985, for use in our “Actual Pictures” line.

We can accept both black and white and color photographs.

We give you a $100 gift certificate to www.coolfunnygifts.com for each photo we use and provide 12 of the finished cards.

Shoebox Cards

While Hallmark does not accept unsolicited ideas directly, their line of Shoebox greeting cards does allow for freelance opportunities.

They are looking for submissions that are funny and unexpected as well as light-hearted.

You can send them your ideas by email and they will accept 5-8 ideas at a time.

Smart Alex

Submit your witty writings via e-mail or snail mail, and Smart Alex will contact you if they’re accepted.

Snafu Designs

Snafu Designs looks for a little different humorous writings for its cards.

You can submit up to 12 great ideas at a time, and should wait at least 8 weeks to find out if they’re accepted.

Pays $100 per accepted submission.

Tiny Prints

If you are chosen as a full-time designer for Tiny Prints, you can design holiday cards, birth announcements, and more.

If interested, you can submit your portfolio via email.

The Great British Card Company

Submit your greeting card copy, and the company will respond to all submissions within 8 weeks.

UK Greetings

UK Greetings asks for “personal experience” greeting card submissions for its cards.

Send your ideas to the editorial team via its online form.

Up With Paper

This company is currently soliciting for new freelance talent; you can either reach out to them through email or submit your work portfolio.


Viabella has submission periods, based on holidays and special occasions.

Once you submit your ideas, the company asks that you wait about 3 to 6 weeks after the end of the submission period to find out if your ideas have been accepted.

Warner Press

Warner Press accepts writings with Christian, inspiring, and uplifting themes for its boxed greeting cards.

Pays $35 per acceptance.


Woodmansterne’s Design Team holds a bi-weekly Artists’ Submissions meeting to review all submissions from designers, illustrators, and photographers promoting different occasions.

Submit your work via snail mail or e-mail, and allow up to one month to be contacted if your work is of interest.


Greeting Card Association is a valuable list to check often to see if new Greet Card Companies exist that you can potentially work with.

Writer’s Write may also contain resources for aspiring writers.

Good luck with your new endeavour – who knows you may be the next popular creator of a new line of greeting cards with your own retail locations and greeting card department 😎

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