Ultimate Christmas List for the Airbnb Host

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Airbnb is all about providing a seasonal home away from home environment so use this Ultimate Christmas List For The Airbnb Host to complete the guest experience.


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We’ve all got that friend who talks about their Airbnb nonstop.

Whether it’s about how much money they’re making, how turnovers between guests are time consuming, or how they’re worried about that one trouble guest who will throw a party, it’s obvious their Airbnb has become an integral part of their life.

So, why not help them out?

With so many Airbnb-related companies out there, it’s likely your friend is not taking advantage of even a sliver of them. Any problem they have, there is not a company who can solve it. Even if there’s no problems, there are companies who can help maximize revenues.

You are sure to get on your Airbnb friend’s nice list after you gift them with one of the below suggestions.

This is the most valuable piece of information – Learn how to Price your Airbnb Rental to maximize revenue.

Roomba Robot Vacuum

Is your Airbnb host friend complaining about the time it takes them to prepare for the next guest?


The Roomba will quickly become their best friend and, in return, you will be a mainstay in their good graces.

Cheaper (but still highly rated) alternative: Ecovacs Deebot Robotic Vacuum


The Pillow Pancake

Pillows are tricky.

A firm pillow might be heaven for one guest, but hell for the next.

A comfortable sleeping experience is just something they must get right.

I recommend providing at least one soft and one firm pillow.

The Pillow Pancake can accomplish this in a single pillow.


Potpourri scent bowls

Not only does potpourri create a good first impression by welcoming the guest to a fresh scent, but it also adds some color to your Airbnb rental and the photos.

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Alternative: Scented candles


Tax Guide for Short-Term Rentals

It’s never too early to start planning for tax season.

And, if you do it right, you can save tax money related to your short-term rental.

The folks at NOLO.com are a reputable bunch and have written detailed articles about Airbnb and taxes in the past.


Schlage Electronic Keypad

For zero headaches, install this simple electronic lock.

You can spend $450+ on a techy electronic lock, but often they’re not worth the hassle as it costs money to install them and you have to learn a new software in order to properly use them.

Not to mention troubleshoot when things go wrong.

I’ve been using this one for years and have had zero issues with it. Whatever you do, don’t make your guest download a smart phone app to check-in.


Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

I started managing an Airbnb where the host provided a Bluetooth speaker for the guest to use.

It wasn’t until one of the guests broke it that I realized how valuable this piece of hardware was.

I had advertised these Bluetooth speakers on the Airbnb listing page and the next 3 of 4 guests asked where they were upon check-in.


In-Home Noise Monitoring

Two startups have emerged that help you keep an eye on your home even while you’re away in an effort to pre-emptively intervene when the noise levels get too high or a potential unauthorized gathering is taking place.

NoiseAware measures the noise level in your home while Party Squasher.com measures the number of devices connected to your wi-fi signal.

Use OPTIMIZE to get 20% off at either online store.

Be sure to inform the guest of these devices within the ‘House Rules’ section of your Airbnb listing.



Ok. Fake orchids.

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But if your Airbnb host friend is complaining about not enough inquiries they may be in need of some better photos and an updated interior.

Fake orchids give an instant and easy pop of color.

For a more full-service option, check out Ambience of Eden or Decorilla for remote interior design services.


A brand-new bedroom!

The guest is going to spend the most time in the bedroom and the most important feature of the bedroom is…the bed.

You’ve already got the perfect pillow (see #3), now you need a mattress and a few other items.

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Premium mattress: Adaptive, cooling foam mattress

Affordable alternative: Hybrid innerspring and foam mattress


It’s no coincidence that virtually every hotel uses white sheets.

They give off the appearance of cleanliness and they’re easier to remove stains from.


Recommendation: Quick-drying, wrinkly, fade, stain resistant sheets


Guests will eat and drink on your bed. Occasionally they’ll get sick (ie vomit).

They’ll also do other, more fun activities on your bed.

You need something that protects your comfortable mattress from all types of bodily fluids, spilled food, and liquids.


Recommendation: Hypoallergenic, waterproof mattress protector


This is the cherry on the cake. It’s also an expensive cherry.

But, it’s an investment.

I have owned an adjustable bed frame before they were cool and it is all it’s cracked up to be.

It’ll set you back a bit, but it’ll also set you apart from your competition.

Can you remember the last time you walked into an Airbnb with this unique and convenient feature?

For me, never.


Recommendation: Adjustable bed frame



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