What Guests are Seeking in an Airbnb Rental


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What Guests Are Seeking in an Airbnb Rental


When people are spending money to go on vacation or even just to get away for a night, they have certain expectations.

Good Airbnb hosts will meet these expectations.


Super Hosts

Super hosts will go beyond even that.

Guests want to be in the location that they want and they often want to be near specific events.

For example, someone in an apartment in Paris might want to be in a specific neighborhood.

So when you create your listing on Airbnb, mention the neighborhood and what’s in and around that area.

When a guest is renting an entire house or apartment, they expect to be able to use the kitchen.

If you rent a place with a kitchen and it doesn’t contain any pots or pans or basic items, then you’ll have unhappy guests.

So stock the kitchen with the basics as well as making sure you have the basic spices and herbs in the pantry.

Small useful kitchen appliances like a coffee maker or blender are high on the list of what guests are seeking as well.

What Guests Are Seeking in an Airbnb Rental; Guests want rental places that are clean.

It’s upsetting to people to pay good money for a space only to find that there’s dirt around the bottom of the toilet or the shelves or kitchen drawers contain crumbs.


What Guests Are Seeking in an Airbnb Rental - people spending money to go on vacation or even just to get away for a night, have certain expectations.

Inspect your Property with a Critical Eye

Hosts should always do a walk through, if possible, to make sure that the place is clean.

Even the best cleaning service can miss things.

When you rent out a space, guests want to know how to use the appliances, how to change the thermostat, how to get online using the Wi-Fi and what to do with laundry or the trash.

They want to be appreciated and hosts that act like they’re a bother don’t go over well.

So in any rental place, leave instructions in a kind, friendly tone.

Don’t scold them and sound like a nagging parent – and don’t insult them.


Have the Right Amenities

People want a place that has all the amenities that they checked when they rented the home.

Make sure that everything is in working order.

Give guests a way to contact you at any time in case there’s a situation that has to be handled immediately.

The furniture in the rental place needs to look new, even if it isn’t.

Guests want comfortable furnishings; this is What Guests Are Seeking in an Airbnb Rental.

A couch that’s lumpy – or worse – a mattress on the bed that’s seen better days, will make their vacation uncomfortable and earn you low rating reviews.

Guests want things to look and feel luxurious even if they’re not.

Travelers want great views if possible and they want thick, fluffy towels.

Tired travelers need nice sheets and soft blankets on the bed.

They want to feel like they’re staying at a 5 star hotel.

They want appliances that run smoothly and quietly, closet space to hang their clothes and good lighting.

Treat guests like they’re the most important people in the world.

When you manage to get them to feel like they are the center of your Universe; you’ll find that your rentals not only garner good reviews, but they’re consistently booked as well.

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