What’s Included in the Airbnb Experiences?

What’s Included in the Airbnb Experiences? This is part 10 of our 14 Part Series.

What’s Included in the Airbnb Experiences?

An Airbnb Experience is an activity or trip or event that hosts on the site offer to guests.

Airbnb Experience Packages are Special

These experiences allow guests to be able to have a behind the scenes look at the city, visit like a local, or engage in a new and exciting activity.

Your guests can do an amazing array of things when they want to have an experience.

It can be something that they’d like to learn more about or something that they already know and want to do it again – like surfing or diving.

It might be learning how to paint, hanging with a popular DJ or taking part in a burlesque dance class.

These experiences are meant to be fun and to present the guest with an experience that they can’t get when they go on a regular vacation.


Offer a Variety of Experiences

The experiences are going to differ from city to city.

They’ll also differ according to who the host is because the hosts are each offering their unique skills and the knowledge that they have.

So even if someone else is offering a similar experience in your area, you can still do the same because you might bring a different set of qualifications, opinions and insight into the mix.

Don’t leave your guests in the dark. Each host should have information up on Airbnb before people book as to what the experience is all about.

The description given by you should answer all of their questions about what they can expect.

Sometimes people want to know about lodging and whether that’s included with the experience.

That information should be in the listing as well. Most experiences are not offered in conjunction with lodging.

However, there are some that do offer what’s known as immersion.

Those are experiences where lodging is provided – along with whatever the event or activity is that’s planned.

What’s Included in the Airbnb Experiences? These experiences can allow guests to be able to have a behind the scenes look at a city or sporting event.


Be Clear on What is Included and Available Options

Make sure you specify if you’re offering a combination of the experience and lodging.

Sometimes the experiences that people go on may have certain fees associated with them.

This can be things like if each person has to pay a fee to get into a place.

If you’re not including those in your experience listing, make sure you point them out to the customer in your listing so they know ahead of time.

There are qualifications through Airbnb that a host must have in order to offer you an experience.

The experience has to be out of the ordinary.

It can’t be one that’s listed in a tourist guidebook that any can just do themselves.

The experiences encourage interactiion and require participation by the guests.

Hosts align Experience activities with the actual “Experience”.

For example, if the Experience is attending a professional hockey game in Toronto, include tickets to the Hockey Hall of Fame nearby.

In fact some hosts offer snacks and a meal, but many don’t.

Your opportunity as an “Experience Host” is to differentiate your offer from the competition; be better by offering more value.

Sometimes you’ll need the guest to have certain equipment – and that is another opportunity to include as part of the experience.

But this is all information that you’ll need to specify in your listing.


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