Creating the Perfect Airbnb Listing

Creating the Perfect Airbnb Listing is Part 1 of our 14 Part Series

Creating the Perfect Airbnb Listing is Part 1 of our 14 Part Series

Hosting your home, guesthouse, condo, apartment or room on Airbnb can be a great money maker for you.

But to get started bringing in that extra cash, you first have to get vacationers to want to book your place.


How to get Travelers to Want Your Space

That’s why you have to have a winning listing on the site.

Imagine Creating the Perfect Airbnb Listing and people will flock to your property.

There are some tips you can follow to make sure that your listing jumps out at potential guests.

The Right listing makes them feel like they have to rent your place immediately before someone else does.

Creating the Perfect Airbnb Listing is Part 1 of our 14 Part Series

Your Pants are ON FIRE!

You have to write a headline while Creating the Perfect Airbnb Listing that grabs the person’s attention.

It has to compel them to want to read the listing in its entirety.

Then you have to be able to describe your space in a way that further whets their appetite and creates that longing spark within them that says, “I have to go there!”


Complete Your Profile; Creating the Perfect Airbnb Listing

Finally, you need to make sure that your profile clinches the deal.

Though all of that might seem complicated, it’s a lot easier to do than it sounds.

Your headline needs to appeal to whoever your audience is.

Creating a headline for family travelers is different than creating one for high-end executives.

Discover your potential audience and then create the headline to appeal to that demographic.


“Family Appeal” is an Opportunity

For a family crowd, you’d talk about all the fun, safe and kid friendly things about the space as well as the location where your space is located.

If you’re appealing to a family, then highlight things about the place for your headline that parents like.

For example, “Great yard for kids to play in” or mention what it’s located near that parents want to take their kids to.

In fact, it is important to showcase the features of your home in the headline and you can tap into your target audience’s desires.

Creating the Perfect Airbnb Listing is Part 1 of our 14 Part Series

Romance is In The Air!

If it’s a romantic feature and your audience is couples, then focus on things that couples like.

Use words like romantic getaway, time for each other, or secluded paradise.

Once you have a headline that grabs attention, you have to write the meat of the listing – which is all about your home and  its amenities.

This is where you want to put in what the space looks like.

Talk about how many beds the location has, how many bathrooms and how large the space is.

Draw out the features after that.

Point out what your house has to offer – such as its close proximity to whatever is popular in that area.

When you create the listing portion, don’t use long block paragraphs.

People tend to skim wordy listings and you don’t want them to miss anything.

Instead break up the description into an easy to read format.

You should list unique things about your kitchen or the bedrooms such as, “view of the ocean” and point out whatever it is that makes your place the one they’ll want.

Talk about all of the amenities the place has such as a pool or hot tub or bath with jets.

Be sure to invite the potential guest to reach out to you with something like, “Get in touch with me now if you have any questions or to book your reservation!”


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