Customer Service Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Customer Service Tips for Airbnb Hosts is Part 2 of our 14 Part Series. 

Customer Service Tips for Airbnb Hosts is Part 2 of our 14 Part Series

Hosting your space in Airbnb really is a great way to make some extra cash so that you can make your life easier or do some fun things with the money.


Customer Service Tips for Airbnb Hosts

The key element; Customer Service Tips for Airbnb Hosts is that hosting on Airbnb is all about hospitality.

You have to know how to be a hospitable host in order to have a popular listing.

Then you know how to offer great customer service, you keep guests coming back and you get high ratings and positive reviews.


Make Sure Your Listing is Awesome and Genuine

Start with telling the truth about your space when you list it.

If there’s something like the sound of traffic or a train track nearby and passing trains blow the horn at weird times, just tell the guests so they’ll know what to expect.

And offer a solution such as a box fan for white noise to mask the sound.


Your Home is Their Home

Sometimes things happen that can cause guests to be late showing up or checking out.

Be understanding and kind. A stressed out guest will leave an unhappy review.

Go the extra mile.

It’s true that your guests do expect some nice, personal touches – but go above and beyond that to make sure that your guest is well taken care of.

If they mention they forgot something small, provide it for them if you can.

They’ll remember that you took care of them.

Customer Service Tips for Airbnb Hosts is Part 2 of our 14 Part Series


Great Communication Ensures a Great Guest Experience

Make communication a priority with your guest.

Contact them before they’re leaving to come to your place and make sure they know how they can reach you if there’s a problem or they need something.

If your guests are going to be arriving later in the evening, they’ll probably be hungry.

Provide something in the rental if you can or give them a coupon where they can get a local meal delivered.

They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness. Have a welcoming item for them when they get there.

Customer Service Tips for Airbnb Hosts is Part 2 of our 14 Part Series.


Guest Perks

Some hosts leave a bottle of wine, some a box of chocolates and others gifts of fruit baskets.

Make sure that you have clear instructions on how to use amenities in your space.

Nothing is more irritating than to need to use something and having to figure out how – or worse, not being able to.

Give your guests a list of special things to do in the area.

Include places to eat and driving instructions.

Have a handful of local take out menus for them in case they want to order in.

Mention any must-see places in the area.

While you can use a key service so that guests can get into the space, being on hand to welcome them is more customer service friendly.

If the guests are bringing children, have some age appropriate things for kids to do.

The parents will appreciate that you thought of their children’s comfort.

If your space has a kitchen, make sure you have some basics in there for them like coffee, tea, and hot cocoa – or staples like sugar, salt, pepper and oil.

Provide some extra toiletries in the bathroom.

Guests are always forgetting something they need like their floss, razors or toothpaste.

It will mean a lot to them that you made sure they were taken care of.


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