Marketing Your Airbnb Listing Online

Marketing Your Airbnb Listing Online is Part 7 of our 14 Part Series.

Marketing Your Airbnb Listing Online is Part 7 of our 14 Part Series.

If you don’t market your Airbnb listing, not only does that mean you may get fewer bookings, but you’re ignoring a tool that you can use to greatly increase your profits, too.

Marketing is a necessary part of any business – and that includes listings on Airbnb. If you don’t market, potential guests won’t even know you exist.

You must promote yourself and your business in order to stay relevant.

There are several ways that you can market your Airbnb listing that are free or low cost – but very effective.

Once you list your place on Airbnb’s site, you need to use that URL and promote it online on sites where people are looking for short term lodging.

Some apartment finder sites allow listings.

Places online like Craigslist have an apartment and housing area where you can list your rental property.

You must have a social media presence.

That’s one of the keys to a good marketing strategy.

Put your Airbnb listing link on every one of your sites.

Put photos of the place up on Instagram.


Pin images on Pinterest.

You can share your link on your Twitter feed as well.

Since tweets have a tendency to disappear, the more Tweets that are added, the more likely it is that you can keep it at the top by making it a pinned tweet.

You can create a page on Facebook and share information about your place. You can also look for Facebook groups that allow people to post homes, apartments or rooms to rent.

There are plenty of those available.

You want to make sure that you choose groups that have public privacy settings because closed groups won’t do you any good.

Create a vanity URL that you can use to market your Airbnb listing.

If you have an apartment building with several different apartments to list, then you can use the main apartment name as the vanity URL if it’s available or pair the name with the word rentals.


Have the Best Profile on AirBNB

Make sure that you have your entire profile filled out properly on Airbnb – including a good photo – because this also helps you promote your place on the site.

You can also take advantage of the HTML coding that Airbnb offers for you to use on other sites.

If you don’t have your listing on Google as a business through Google My Business, then you need to do that.

You’ll have to input your business name, address and then it will be verified.

It’s simple and best of all, it’s a free marketing tool that can increase views as well as bookings.

Use YouTube for walk-through showcases of your property, too!

Use SEO on Airbnb and your other sites when you talk about your listing.

For example, if you’re marketing your place to business travelers, then you would use “business travelers” as your keywords.

If you were catering to families, then you might use words like “family vacation” or “kid friendly.”

Using the correct SEO keywords can boost visibility in search engines as well as on the site.


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