Give an Airbnb Gift Card to Friends and Family who Travel

Give an Airbnb Gift Card to Friends and Family Who Travel is part 4 of our 14 Part Series.

Give an Airbnb Gift Card to Friends and Family Who Travel is part 4 of our 14 Part Series.

Everyone has friends and family members who enjoy traveling.

When it comes time to give them a gift, most people think of the standard things like a new suitcase or something to wear wherever they’re going like a new pair of hiking boots, a new coat or other travel related items.

While whatever gift you give is certainly appreciated, the truth is that it may or may not ever be used.

But there is one gift that’s always used – and that’s the gift of travel.

By giving someone the gift of travel, you give them an adventure.

You can do this by giving the people you care about an Airbnb gift card.

They’re perfect for any occasion and even for no reason at all.


Give them as a simple “thinking of you” gift.

Spending money on locations for things associated with a wedding can be super expensive.

Who needs another toaster when you can give the couple the gift of a location that they’ve always wanted to see?

You can give a newlywed couple an Airbnb gift card so that they can get away to some exotic location or take a trip to the tourist destination they love.

You can gift them a honeymoon, or give them a weekend getaway.

The couple will appreciate the gift of travel and they’ll use it to start building a lifetime of memories.

When those special people in your life celebrate milestone events such as a big wedding anniversary, you can give them the gift of an Airbnb card.

You can even plan it with other family members and give it to them as part of a surprise.

It’ll be one of their most treasured gifts.

When someone reaches the end of something they’ve worked so hard for like a high school or college graduation, you can present them with a gift card so that they can take the vacation of a lifetime.


Instead of the usual money placed in a gift card, give them this one instead.

The graduate will be thankful for the adventure before he begins the next step in his life.

Traveling as a family can be super expensive when you have to figure in lodging – especially if it’s a large family.

You can give a family the gift of staying in a lovely host home instead of a hotel.


Give an Airbnb Gift Card to Friends and Family Who Travel

They’ll save money and enjoy the vacation much more.

The Airbnb gift cards are easy to send and easy to accept. Once you pay for the card, the recipient gets an email notification.

All he has to do is accept it and redeem it within 90 days.

He doesn’t have to use it within those 90 days because the gift cards don’t have an expiration date.

It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel.


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