Taking a Blog Vacation

Taking a Blog Vacation


I am planning on taking a Blog Vacation.

Summer is coming too quickly, and as I am planning a week’s vacation with my family.

It got me thinking about what to do when want to take a week (or more) off from your blog.

Any blogger can tell you that time away means you are going to lose readers. Maybe not at first but the longer you are away the more readers you’re going to lose.

If you want time off, it’s best to plan ahead. But sometimes you need to get away to save yourself from burnout.

If you know you’re going to be away you can schedule things, from new posts, to social media, to emails.

You could also have guest posts scheduled if you don’t have time to get posts written.

Perhaps hiring a Virtual Assistant would benefit you, for social sharing and making sure you readers are seeing what is happening.

If you feel that all of sudden you need to get away, there are simple ways to keep your site going without losing your readers and hard work.


Turn to your tribe or blogging community for support.

Most of us have all gone through it and understand and many may be able to help.

You can schedule guest bloggers, round up posts and such to keep new content on your site.

Another great way to keep your readers attention is sharing old content with them.

You probably haven’t had all your readers from post number one, so there will be some who might have missed the great post you shared two years ago, do it now.


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