How to Blog When You’re on Vacation



Have you ever wanted to walk away from your blog?

Does the pressure get to you sometimes?

Posting fresh content and trying to stay active and relevant on social media takes time and mental energy.

Feeling like you HAVE to write when you don’t WANT to write can really get old.

If you’ve ever felt burned out, cheer up.

It’s normal…and it may be time to take a break.

But you don’t want to lose your readership while taking a breather or a real vacation.

So here are some ways How to Blog When You’re on Vacation.


How to Blog When You're on Vacation

Schedule Your Posts

Carve out some free time to write some blog posts in advance.

Use your blog’s scheduling feature to choose the dates and times they will publish.

Stagger them within a couple of days of each, or even just once per week.

Think of it as just another thing you have to do to get ready for vacation, like washing extra clothes or making sure your pets will be cared for.

If it seems difficult to write a bunch of posts all at once and you’re low on inspiration then create some quick and easy posts.

Some examples: “Wordless Wednesday” style with photos and captions only, humorous posts (anecdotes, jokes, etc. that fit your blog theme) or recipes and simple “how to’s.”

Co-Schedule and Hootsuite are examples of programs that allow you to create and pre-schedule social media posts.

And don’t forget to have a post or two ready for publishing after you get back from vacation.

That will allow you some time to unpack and get back into blogging gradually.


Pay for Help

If you have a little extra vacation money saved up, throw some of it at a good writer or social media maven.

He or she could write a few posts and man your media accounts until you come back to take the reins.

You might also consider purchasing quality pre-written content that fits your blog niche.


Run a Giveaway

You might also consider doing a giveaway on your blog that lasts for the duration of your vacation.

That way, it will continue to drive traffic to your site while you’re gone.

Get even more mileage out of it by giving extra entries to readers who comment on other blog posts.

Once again, this will ensure that you have constant interaction.


Take Your Blog With You

But you are not allowed to let it spoil your vacation!

On our last two family vacations, I took my laptop.

A mobile device, tablet or notebook is even better (we don’t have those right now so a laptop was the only option).

When you have some downtime, check into your blog, just for a few minutes.

Are you in a hotel room and all the children are asleep?

Is everyone in the pool but you?

Waiting between flights?

At a rest stop or gas station with 10 or 15 minutes to spare?

Use a timer if you have a hard time being disciplined.

Just think of all the fresh inspiration and great photos and stories you’ll have to share when you return.

Happy travels!



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