9 Ways to Convert Your Blog Posts into Social Media Content

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You have spent a lot of time creating valuable content for your blog, so why not get some extra use out of it?

Use these nine ways to convert your blog posts into social media content.

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 9 Ways to Convert Your Blog Posts into Social Media Content

Combine Quotes and Images

Try overlaying some text onto an image.

There is a ton of content being uploaded to social media every second, and people will often just scroll on by your text post.

Increase your post’s visibility dramatically by taking one of your blog post’s best lines and putting it on top of a graphic.

When you’re writing posts, keep in mind it’s good to have a few quotable sentences that you can later harvest for this purpose.

This strategy works particularly well for Twitter and Instagram.

If you’re using Twitter, add a shortened link so users can read more if they are interested.

Snappa has a large library of photos, if you are looking for images.

Just drag and drop and then paste your quote right onto the image.

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Curate Your Best Posts

“Converting long form blog posts into social media content doesn’t have to be difficult.

Start by using Google Analytics to compile a list of your most popular blog posts.

For each post, write up a list of five to ten reasons why you think it was fascinating to your audience,” advises David Holcolmbe, social media manager at SimpleGrad.

Extract the post’s best quotes and takeaways.

We’re talking about interesting statistics, attention grabbers, influencer quotes, and snippets that get to the heart of your post’s core message.

Take these elements and organize them in a document, where you can later pull them out and convert them into social media content.




Translate Your Content into Video

Video content is enormously popular on social media, so become familiar with ways to convert your blog posts to video.

One third of online activity is spent watching video and 82% of Twitter users have watched video content on that platform.

Make a video that covers the content of your post, but focus on conveying it in a storytelling way so you will appeal to your viewer’s emotions.

Keep your video short, two minutes or less is a good rule to follow.

Even if it’s an engaging video, most people will tap out around that mark.

There’s a lot of content in any given social media feed and people tend to scroll on fairly quickly to new stuff.


Refocus Posts for Your Social Media Audience

Once you’ve chosen a post it’s a good idea to choose an angle that will appeal to your social media followers, and to give it a new title, one that reflects this angle.

If you don’t come up with a unique headline it will look redundant and make you look like you don’t care. “When refocusing your post it’s crucial you raise some questions that will be answered in your post.

You will hint at the answers in your social media post, but give your followers a reason to follow the link to your blog.

Share an interesting statistic or visual that will encourage your followers to continue on to your full blog post,” advises Jason Smith, social media marketer at Bestbritishessays.

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Get Help Writing and Editing Your Posts

Take some time to check out these resources for help with writing, editing, and proofreading:

#1. My Writing Way and Studydemic – Use these helpful writing guides to write good copy for your repurposed blog content.


#2. UKWritings and BoomEssays – These are useful proofreading tools you can utilize to ensure your copy is error free.

Show your readers and followers you’re a professional and worthy of their attention.


#3. ViaWriting and Academadvisor – These are grammar guides you can consult when repurposing your content.

They’re worth checking out so you don’t look silly, leaving a grammatical error in your post.


#4. Essay Services and Revieweal – These are online writing communities where you can look for advice and ideas for improving your repurposed content.


#5. WritingPopulist and Essayroo – These are useful writing blogs that are great sources for information and inspiration. Keep up to date with the newest trends and information from the blogging world.




Answer Questions in a Video

If your blog has an engaged user base, you probably receive a fair amount of questions and comments regarding your posts.

You can get some extra mileage out of a popular blog post by responding to this feedback in a video post.

Consider conducting a live Q & A session on a platform such as Facebook, Periscope, or Instagram.

These kinds of videos are great because they allow you to repurpose old content while also encouraging user engagement and even live interaction.


Convert Top Posts into Infographics

Social media is all about condensing content into small, easy to consume snippets, and infographics are a great way to accomplish that.

Visual media is king on social media, and an infographic allows you to convert your information into a form that gets attention and draws the user in.

An informative and entertaining infographic is something people are much more likely to share than a text post.

If you haven’t made one before, you might be under the impression that they are difficult to create.

There are templates available online that will make creating an infographic simple for you.

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Use Instagram to Create Visual Tutorials

Instagram now allows multi feature posts, which are perfect for visual tutorial posts.

People love a good tutorial, and especially one where they can see each step.

These tutorials get a lot of clicks and shares.

You can repurpose a blog post by chopping it up into snippets, adding them to photos, and then encouraging users to follow a link back to your blog for the full post.


Format Your Blog Copy for Specific Social Media Platforms

Each platform is a little different, so it pays to adjust your format for each one.

If you’re using Instagram, make sure you break up your text into blocks and hashtag clouds, leave plenty of white space.

You can write a bit more on Facebook, but make sure your copy is broken up into a few paragraphs and put a bit of extra space in between for better readability.

Because Twitter has a character limit, you’ll need  to get good at chopping your copy down into a hard hitting impression.

Keep your post to no more than four hashtags.

Use shortened links, and throw some white space in if you use more than one sentence.

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You can get a lot of extra value out of your blog posts by converting them into social media posts.

With minimal time and effort, and by following this guide, you can use your old blog content on social media to bring in new readers.

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