What NOT To Do When Running A Blog Giveaway: 7 Tips

Here are some great examples of What NOT To Do When Running A Blog Giveaway: 7 Tips


What NOT To Do When Running A Blog Giveaway: 7 Tips


I enter, host and sponsor many blog giveaways.

Personally I enjoy using rafflecopter, as both a blogger and entrant.

It is easy to use and the basic version is free for the blogger.

There are other tools for hosting giveaways.

I am not overly experienced in other types of tools for hosting giveaways, but most of these points will still apply.

I might be being totally picky, but there are some things that I really don’t like to find when entering or sponsoring a giveaway.

Not always have the giveaway open to Canadians

Many giveaways that are not open to Canadians.

I understand that this is sometimes the decision of sponsors and may have to do with regulations regarding shipping their products to Canada.

And I completely understand this.

I have a really tough time when it is simply because shipping to the Great White North ‘costs so much more’.

Yes, IF, and that’s a big IF, a Canadian won, shipping may cost an extra $10-$20, BUT you will have had the opportunity to reach many more people, which is the point of giveaways, isn’t it?

The chances of a Canadian winning will likely be 10 times less than an American winning, so likely you won’t even have to face this.

Let us enter, we make good fans, our economy is doing fairly well and we shop at the sponsors sites.

Not make it clear to whom the giveaway is open to

I cannot tell you how frequently I go to enter a giveaway and spend 5+ (precious) minutes scouring the page and links to see who the giveaway is open to.

I want it simple, easy to find and (obviously) open to me!

What NOT To Do When Running A Blog Giveaway: 7 Tips

Give 10 entries for each task

It really bothers me when bloggers think they can fool sponsors into thinking there are way more entrants than there really are.

You may have 20,000 entrants on a giveaway, but that really only means 500 people entered.

Entrants may get excited to see that one simple task will get them 10 entries.

But they will likely get discouraged when they see how many entries the giveaway has in total.

It’s easy math, don’t underestimate people’s intelligence.

Make the winner pay shipping

For many professional giveaways, this wouldn’t even be considered an option.

But let me tell you, it happens!

I have seen a giveaway of a $4 hair clip, where the winner had to pay shipping.

The cost of shipping would have been $1.50.

So yes, the winner didn’t have to pay much, but they still had to pay in order to win something.

This just seems wrong and not the right thing to do and what not to do when running a blog giveaway

If you can’t afford to ship the item, or don’t consider the giveaway to be worth it if it includes free shipping, then don’t do it.

I know I am not alone when saying that out of principal, I will not enter a giveaway that I have to pay for.

Mix up types of entries within the entry form

Okay, this is just me being picky and maybe a little OCD, but take the time (likely only 5 minutes) to arrange the rafflecopter form to group together all the facebook entries, all the twitter entries and all the pinterest entries.

Some people (guilty) only enter some of the tasks and this makes it quick and easy to do this.

With the ease of Rafflecopter, you just need to drag and drop the entries into an organized list.

5 minutes, I swear.

I am not familiar with other giveaway tools, but I assume it is also fairly straight forward.

As a sponsor, I think it is professional to spend the time making the entry form look pretty.

Round up the value of the prize

$480 value sounds like an awesome prize, so don’t advertise it as $500.

I know this also sounds picky, but to me, and likely to other sponsors, this makes me question the integrity of the blogger.

Not ‘clean up’ the names of facebook tasks

*Rafflecopter only.

Now, you might not understand what I mean by this.

When inputting facebook pages to like, sometimes it adds dashes, like http://facebook.com/bundlesandbuzz will come out like “Easy entry for all bundles-and-buzz fans on Facebook.”

It only takes a minute to change it to “Bundles and Buzz” and looks much nicer.

This also makes a difference for sponsors.

I am really curious to hear what you agree or disagree with what not to do when running a blog giveaway.

Please tell me below.

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