3 Innovative Ways to Use Content Marketing to Recruit Top Talent

When a position becomes available within your company that you need to be filled; Use Content Marketing to Recruit Top Talent.


3 Innovative Ways to use Content Marketing to Recruit Top Talent


This likely includes adding the job listing to your company website, a few online classifieds, job search sites, and perhaps your social media pages for interested job seekers to find.

Though they are all great solutions for attracting top talent, if you’re going to beat out the competition, you must be willing to think outside of the box.

As you know, content marketing is the practice of creating and distributing relevant content to attract your target audience and create a platform to convert them to sales.

Content can be distributed in many forms including videos, blog posts, emails, and social media posts.

While content marketing is a very effective tool for attracting new business, it can also be used to draw the attention of top talent.

Recruitment content marketing, when done effectively, should inform, enlighten, and inspire the best talent to want to work with your organization. Below, are three examples of content marketing that can be used to recruit top talent.


1.  Employee Profiles and Reviews

Job seekers are going beyond the job listing to determine where they’d like to work.

They want more than advertisements and postings from the company itself.

Candidates want to hear from those who have worked for the organization.

This is a great example of how to Use Content Marketing to Recruit Top Talent.

Potential employees want to know who they will work with.

Employee profiles and reviews provide candidates insights to their potential co-workers.

Your existing employees are your biggest advocates and can prove to be a great asset for finding new talent.

Ideal Profiles include employee background information, a short bio, high quality bio photo and highlights of achievements or promotions.

Job seekers want to work for companies that have great employees.

Reviews are another avenue that job seekers use to learn more about a company.

Seeing positive reviews about things like great pay, training opportunities, perks like coffee services and hour-long lunch breaks, as well as assessments of management and company practices encourages job seekers to want to join your organization.

3 innovative ways to use content marketing to recruit top talent like these people


2.  Showcase Company Culture

Job seekers have ultimately changed the way they look for employment.

Looking beyond the pay, job requirements, and benefits, seekers want to know what it’s like to work for your company.

To encourage others to work for you, provide more than the “about us” section in your company website.

Highlight some of the perks of working with the agency.

Showcase your company’s culture and core values by posting about corporate events.

In fact including fund-raising engagements, and even family-friendly functions like picnics and holiday parties attract talent.

Using compelling blog posts and social media posts as well as uploading videos and photos about what working for your company would be like, can attract top talent and ultimately weed out those whose interests don’t line up with your company’s.


3 innovative ways to use content marketing to recruit top talent


3.  Frequently Asked Questions

The idea is to take the guessing out of applying for job seekers.

They want to know as much as they can about your company before applying.

Answering questions that job seekers have about your business helps them make an informed decision to apply.

You can’t answer every question posted about a job, there are common questions you could answer.

You can create a blog post, frequently asked questions section for job seekers.

Also, answer questions in a forum or on social media to engage and attract the attention of top talent.

There are so many ways that you can use content marketing to your advantage.


Use Content Marketing to Recruit Top Talent

Recruitment content marketing helps businesses quickly find candidates whose skills, experience, values, and work ethic aligns with the company.

Remember to think outside the basic job listing.

Engage job seekers by giving them a clear picture of your brand.

Utilize employee profiles and reviews, uploading photos and video of company events and highlights.

And finally, answering common questions are some of the most innovative ways to let top talent know that you’re the brand to work for.

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