Making Money Online doing Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs (making money online) are small tasks that are done on the computer.

Micro Jobs (making money online) are small tasks that are done on the computer.

Making Money Online doing Micro Jobs.

They are sometimes referred to as gigs instead of jobs.

They are paid jobs and are for independent contractors, as companies don’t hire employees for micro jobs.

Just a disclaimer before I begin. I’ve researched all of the following companies and their job leads to make sure they are not scams. I’ve even provided links for you to apply! However, I cannot guarantee that you will be hired. I can’t guarantee that you’ll love your job if you are hired. What I can guarantee is that the following links are NOT scams. They are real jobs that pay an hourly rate for honest work in the customer service industry. If any of the following links are scams or require you to pay at any point outside of standard operating equipment (i.e. computer, pens, internet access, desk), please notify me and I will remove it immediately.

Making Money Online Doing Micro Jobs

Clickworker is a global company that hires people to perform micro jobs like research, writing, translating and data entry.

Some of the company clients include PayPal, Honda and Groupon.

You choose the task you want to do from the available jobs listed.

The amount that you make will depend on the jobs that you perform, but you can make an average of around $9 an hour.

While you are not paid by the hour, but paid by the piece; the faster you work, the more money you make.

Payments are made on 7th or 8th of the month as long as you have $10 in your account.

The company pays by PayPal and hires workers worldwide.

To apply for a job with Clickworker, you need to go on their website, register and take assessment tests to find out what projects you qualify for.

ClixSense is a pay-per-click website that pays you to do small tasks like visiting websites, viewing ads and taking surveys.

For the surveys, you need to qualify for the survey in order to complete it.

Qualification is based on your location, gender and age.

Surveys give you the most money, but you will only get paid if you qualify for the survey.

You can get paid anywhere from 50 cents to $5 for each survey you complete.

You can also get paid to watch ads and those amounts range from .001 cents to .02 cents.

In order to get paid, all you need to do is watch the ads for a certain amount of time like 20-30 seconds.

Another way to get paid with ClixSense is to complete small tasks.

Fiverr is an online global marketplace where you can make money for doing certain tasks.

You get $5 for each task that you offer, but Fiverr takes $1 for their fee, or 2% (whichever is less).

Pay is done through PayPal and Fiverr categories include video, audio production, writing, translation, graphics and social marketing.

Fiverr has a new pro package that allows you to create lucrative upgrades in the $100’s of dollars.

TaskRabbit is great for those who want to make some extra cash.

With TaskRabbit, you can make money by helping other people run errands and get other tasks done.

These days people are either too busy or housebound to do things on their ‘to do’ list so they outsource these tasks, which is where you come in.

You need to setup an account on their website.

After the registration, you will need to complete an application, submit to a background check, engage in a video interview and take part in a training session.

Once you are approved, you login to the site, where you will find jobs that you can either assign yourself or bid on.

These tasks include everything from grocery shopping to feeding pets, but can also include virtual tasks like web design, party planning and Internet research.

Get paid $35 for grocery shopping, $85 for pet sitting and $12 for shopping for a cell phone.

After you are done the job, you will mark it as done and will be paid within 72 hours by direct bank deposit.

What do you think of these opportunities? Making Money Online doing Micro Jobs?

Did we miss any here?

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