Customer Surveys Can Help Boost your Business


To understand that customer surveys can help boost your business was a tremendous epiphany for me.


To understand that customer surveys can help boost your business was a tremendous epiphany for me.


If you are a business owner, then hopefully you have a group of solid customers that love what you do and want to see your business succeed.

Whether you are selling them homemade creations, providing them a monthly service or whatever the case may be, your goal is to keep them happy.

As much as we all like to get out there and find more customers, we cannot forget how valuable our current customers are and that we must do whatever we can to keep them around.


How do we keep them happy and retain them as a customer?

There are tons of strategies and secrets out there with suggestions on how to do so, but I think there is a much simpler approach.

Just ask them!

There are free survey sites like or where you can create a custom survey to send out.

Customers may be delighted to fill out a survey if it will help them voice their opinions about your business.

There may be others who do not see it that way and for those it may take some coercing, such as a coupon code or giveaway entry, as a reward for completing the survey.

Take some time to think up some questions that won’t be too difficult for a customer to answer.

This shouldn’t feel like a final exam that they forgot to study for. Also, make the questions optional.

We’ve all been halfway through a survey and hit a question that we just don’t feel like answering so we just say “forget it” and close the page, without completing it.

It may also be a good idea to have their answers be anonymous so they do not have any reason to hold back on the truth.

Sometimes we get caught up in not wanting to hurt others feelings and bend the truth, hoping not to do so.

Most importantly, make sure you truly take the survey results into consideration and keep in mind that Customer Surveys Can Help Boost your Business.

The whole point of this was to improve your business so any suggestions given, even if you do not agree with it, will be looked at as valuable information.

Have you ever offered surveys to your customers before?

How did you use the results to better your business?

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