Quick Tip – Mention.net A Must Have

Sometimes I stumble across free services that I think will be amazing but suck. Other times I think ‘oh we’ll see how this goes’ and the service is totally awesome.

Mention.net is the latter. Mention send you alerts every time your chosen word (in my case thinkingoutsidethesandbox) is mentioned on the internet. I receive an email a day stating how many mentions there were and what they were. You can also block mentions from certain web address. This feature is really a time saver as I blocked www.thinkingoutsidethesandbox.ca so I do not receive alerts I created :).

Mention is also free for three alerts so it i completely worth checking out.

I have been able to respond to tweets I may have missed plus seen who is chatting us up.

Mention.net is a must have.


  1. Jimmy Arcade
    • Katrina
  2. Angelia Herrin
    • Katrina
  3. Lori

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