Ecwid – Free Online Shopping Cart

Free Online Shopping Cart

If you sell a product or service you should have an online store. There are countless options and one of the greatest advantages to having so many options is you will find the right option for you.

In my online store I use an e-commerce platform called ecwid (e-commerce widget). Ecwid is easily integrated into wordpress, Joombla, Drupal, any website that accepts html and many more. You do not need to download anything. Everything is done through ecwid. You can also add ecwid to your Facebook page, blogger account Ning community and more.

The best part of all?

They have an amazing FREE plan.

In the free plan you can have up to 100 products. More than enough for most WAHM/small businesses.

As someone who uses the program as their e-commerce platform I can attest it is very easy to install. Ecwid is also always updating  and most of the setup options I struggled with when I was setting up my ecwid account have already been resolved.

It is also an extremely customizable platform if you have some knowledge in html/CSS if not, don’t fret, there are colour options already set up and the stock option is very nice looking (it is all I use).

If you need more than the free program (coupon codes, inline SEO etc) ecwid have a Silver plan at $17/month. Ecwid will be revamping their fee structure so make sure you get the plan you want now.

So if you are needing an e-commerce platform sign up for ecwid’s free plan and if you like it make sure you lock into the $17/month rate.



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