5 Tips for Writing Product Pages that Gain Visitors and Earn Sales

When you run a small business, you’re probably already pretty stretched for time while balancing your family and your work – to be successful you need to learn how Writing Product Pages that Gain Visitors and Earn Sales.

And the time you’ve dedicated to writing your content probably goes on writing awesome blog posts and plugging your biz on social media.

But have you thought about your product pages?

Neglecting your product page content can have a detrimental effect on the success of your business and brand

And if you’re not careful, a bad product page can put a visitor off at the very last minute, stopping them from completing a purchase.

Luckily, there are ways to fix this. For five top tips on writing product pages that gain visitors and earn sales, read on.


5 Tips for Writing Product Pages that Gain Visitors and Earn Sales

Tip #1: Identify your customers and write for them

Identifying your target customers is crucial when you’re planning the perfect product landing page.

This means you need to do some research into who your audience are.

You’ve probably already got a rough idea.

For example, if you’re a mommy blog, you’re most likely aiming your products or content at other mommies, usually roughly the same age as you, with similar experience.

But you need to delve further into this: what are they looking for?

What are their likes and dislikes?

What content resonates with them, and which products are they interested in?

And finally, how did they get to your product page and what do you want them to do now that they are there?

To get your customer research started, use social media as a listening tool, and Google Trends to investigate what your market is searching for.

Once you know exactly who your target group is and what makes them tick, you can start aiming your product page towards them by using their language and tailoring your product page to them.

The end result?

A happier visitor and a way higher chance of converting that visit to a sale.


5 Tips For Writing Product Pages That Gain Visitors And Earn Sales


Tip #2: Plot out your product page

If you want a product page that gains visitors, keeps them engaged and earns sales, you’re going to need to stand out.

Consumers don’t want to plod through a dry, sales-driven product page.

This means putting time into plotting out your product page so that it’s enticing for readers.

And, quite literally, giving yourself a plot to follow as if you’re telling a story.

Storytelling has been adopted — with great success — as a powerful marketing tool.

It’s a great way to simultaneously market your products while engaging in a meaningful way with consumers.

By using storytelling techniques to show people, rather than tell, why your product or service is so great you will do a much better job of convincing them.

That’s why using storytelling techniques for product pages is a great idea.

To resonate, most stories need a plot that includes character, problem, action, and solution.

And Like every good story, your product page needs to have a main character (your potential customer), motivation (why they want to buy your product), and a resolution (your call to action).

If you don’t know how, this guide from Jericho Writers on how to plot a novel has some valuable tips that can be applied to writing your product pages, such as creating a strong structure and compelling narrative for your product page.

Plotting out your product page almost as if it’s a narrative allows you to balance being informative with being emotive and engaging.

And this is how you’re going to win over your visitor and earn that sale.


5 Tips for Writing Product Pages that Gain Visitors and Earn Sales

Tip #3: Keep a clean layout

When you’re writing the copy for your product page, you need to think about the gaps around your words too.

Even white space is going to add to the user experience.

Focus on drawing attention to your compelling product page plot, and allowing the reader time to think.

It’s important to avoid cluttering your product page with too much text and irrelevant, mismatched or oversized imagery.

Keep your words concise and powerful, and keep your layout clean — only using photos to complement your copy where necessary.

Failing to do looks unprofessional and will overwhelm the reader, creating an unpleasant user experience (which means they’ll leave your page faster — and definitely without purchasing anything).

It will also slow your page’s loading time; the ultimate kiss of death for a product page.

Keep your product information digestible by spacing it out. Intersperse high-quality, relevant product images, and you’re onto a winner.


Tip #4: Craft compelling CTAs

You’ve spent the time creating a compelling plot specifically tailored to your target audience, now you need to make sure that you don’t lose your customers at the last hurdle.

One of the most important parts of your product page is a strong (and obvious) call to action (CTA).

This will be the point of conversion (usually either a button or link) when your page visitor decides that they are going to take action — whether it’s by buying your product or signing up to your mailing list.

By using your product page plot, plenty of white space and a clean layout, you can funnel your visitor towards this CTA.

And once there, they need to be presented with a CTA that is highly visible (using an eye-catching color and a clear space) and powerful (using persuasive sales copy).

Want to learn more about the best words to use when writing CTA copy?

Have a read of this blog post from Wishpond.


5 Tips for Writing Product Pages that Gain Visitors and Earn Sales

Tip #5: Include customer reviews

Sometimes, your own words simply aren’t enough to convince your prospect to take that final leap and buy your product.

(Although if you follow the five tips above, you’ve got a way higher chance).

That’s why it is sometimes best to turn to the words of someone else: your customers.

Including positive customer reviews or testimonials on your product page is a proven method of increasing conversion rates and landing more sales.

That’s because new or potential customers are far more likely to trust existing customers rather than trust you.

At least until you’ve earned that trust over time.

Real user feedback is simply more convincing to prospects than persuasive sales copy.

There are many different tools and add-ons you can use to integrate reviews with your product pages — check out this list to get some ideas.


Writing your product pages that gain visitors and earn sales doesn’t have to be hard — you just need to follow these five tips.

Plan your product page content, put in some time and effort, and you’ll soon see the difference to your sales.

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