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On TOTS I write posts about a bunch of different topics; some I need to research for and some were inspired out of sheer necessity. We need a Blog review and Giveaway Contract.


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This post is one of the latter.

Having just recently opened my business (we just celebrated our 6 month anniversary – yay!), I have learned some things the hard way.

One of the lessons I learned – Have a blog review contract.

To spread the word about my company I sent some of my products to bloggers to include in their giveaways. Sending a product for a blogger to review or giveaway can be a great and cheap way to promote your business. Stephanie wrote a post on what a good blogger does with your item once they receive it. You can check out her post here.

However, not all bloggers are ‘good’ or they just might not do things to the standard you expect. To make sure you choose the bloggers you want to work with I have added a list of questions to ask before you commit. Bookmark this page and feel free to copy and paste freely. The answers can then be used as a contract so each party knows exactly what to expect.

Blogger Review and Giveaway Questions

Name of Blog:

Blog Website URL:

Analytics: Who is the blog’s target demographics? How many readers do they average per day? How many unique visitors a month?

Review/Giveaway: Is the blogger wanting to do a review or giveaway? Is it for a special event (e.g. 1000 fan celebration)

Date of Review/Giveaway: What day does the blogger have set aside for the review/giveaway? What is the deadline to receive the product and ensure critical dates are met?

Post Synopsis: What will the layout of the post look like? Could the blogger post any links of previous giveaways/reviews as examples. Will your product be compared to another. 

Case of Negative Review: If the blogger does not like your product what will they do in case of a negative review? You must clarify in advance that the blogger will they send you an email out lying their constructive criticism.

Post Promotion: How does the blogger plan to promote your product. To summarize, how many social media messages will they post on their Facebook/Twitter feeds etc to further promote your product? 

Do you have any suggestions on what else to ask?



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