Behind the Scenes with a Review Blogger

Stephanie is our blogging guru at Thinking Outside The Sandbox. She has been blogging for years both on her personal blogs (most recently Housewife Mama) and also as a freelancer for blogs such as SocialMoms
Having learned a thing or two she is sharing the behind-the-scenes of the blogging world. 

Behind the Scenes with a Review BloggerHave you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes with a review Blogger when you read a product review from an online blogger?

Maybe you have a business and would like to seek out some review bloggers to help you promote your products. Or, maybe you are a blogger who would like to seek out some businesses to review their products.

Always Wanted to be a Review Blogger

Since beginning my journey as a review blogger I have reviewed at least 1 product per week on my blog. I know, you’re thinking, wow, free stuff, you’re so lucky.

Yes, I consider myself to be blessed to have this opportunity to not only review and keep these amazing products.

Additionally, to also be able to share this information (and most times a matching giveaway prize) with my followers, whom I am so fortunate to have!

While I may be sent these review items at no monetary cost to me. I do consider them to be “earned” as it takes some work to get a review post together.

Early in the process I take time to communicate with the sponsor. We hash out the details of the product I will review and the information they want shared with my followers. This takes time.

This is Real Work

Once I receive the review product I begin to snap photos to be used in the review. And check out the features with my hands and eyes, etc. This takes time.

If it is a cloth diaper or similar item then I have to prep it so that I can fairly and accurately review it per the sponsors request. This takes time.

Finally, I can get to the review phase which is a lot of fun. But I also make sure I keep a close eye on how it performs as I use it. This takes time.

I am now on to the writing up and editing of my review. This includes the written review itself, the pictures, the links, often times the giveaway form, etc. This takes time.

If there is a giveaway, then I must confirm the winner by making sure they have completed the tasks that they claimed to have done. Just another day behind the scenes with a review blogger.

Don’t know if you got it or not, but being a product reviewer takes time if you do it accurately.

I hope you understand that the time that it takes is not a negative thing. Just wanted to share that when I say that I “earn” these products that I review, this is how I earn them.

I hope that this information helps you understand product reviews a little better and the what goes on behind the scenes with a review blogger.


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