How to Maximize Trending Topics to Build Traffic for Your Site

In most cases, bloggers are willing to do almost anything to get traffic up.  However, we are all looking a gift horse in the mouth each and every day if we don’t take advantage of the various tools offered up that can help us.  I’m only covering a few of the highlights in these lessons but the fact of the matter is, you can go find the information anywhere if you really want it.

For instance, Google will give you the hottest topics each day.  It’s just good common sense to take advantage of the work that they have already done for you.  Bing and Yahoo have teamed together to provide trending topics on their search engine as well.  Among all the other things that are offered up, this is the simplest of all in my opinion.  In the beginning it will seem like a lot of work, but once you get the hang of it, you can easily grab a topic and post quickly at your own discretion.  Since Bing and Yahoo make it so much easier, I’m going to show you how to grab and go on their Trending Topics.

Trending Topics on Google

google trends

If you visit the Trending Topics Link for Google, you can quickly see that you have several options for blog posts.  Immediately you will be able to locate the trending searches for that particular day.  However, if you continue to look around, you can find the trending topics for youtube, the top charts and you can explore the options at our own discretion.

Here is a basic example for the specific day that this post was written.  You will just need to check for the trending topics when you are ready to write your post and not rely on what’s trending in this post.

Google Trending Topics


Once you have found the trending topics, you can choose the explore tab and look for more topics.  In this particular case, it should be quit easy to add a post about the Music Awards to your site in almost any niche’.  Moreover, if you are looking for topics that are ranking high in the search engine (Google) today and you don’t see one that you want to write about, choose the “Explore” tab and enter some keywords to look for a topic that is both trending AND fits your site best.

Simply click “add” and add your search topic.  I have chosen Youth Wrestling.

Add your topic


The search will render quite a bit of information, including how well this topic has done over time as well as related searches for this keyword/topic.

related searches


It’s then up to you to make a wise choice about the topic of your blog post.  If you choose to ignore what’s trending and simply write what you feel or what you are comfortable writing, but if you are looking to build your readership, you’ll definitely want to find a way to incorporate the information that’s being offered up by Google.

Finally, you can take advantage of the Subscription section by entering terms that are pertinent to you and your blog, then allow the subscription process to notify you via email when you one of your preferred topics is mentioned or trending.

trending subscription



Regardless of whether you use the subscription to check for blog topics, you will want to set up a subscription for your name, your blog name or similar personal factors so if someone is searching for you, you will be notified.  This will allow you to keep check on searches for you and your interests.

search term


Yahoo and Bing Trending Topics

yahoo trends

When you visit the link for Yahoo and Bing Trending Topics, you will get much of the same information but in a little different format.  You will be greeted with a page that looks similar to t his one:



You will find a list of topics on the left hand side of the page that will also assist you in your search for the perfect blog topic for that particular day.  If you choose another topic area on the left, you merely get topics that are pertinent at that time but may not be absolutely trending.  Either way, this is a much better place to look for blog topics than to just randomly snatch them from no where.

So now that you have the information, what should you do with it?  You can approach this in two ways and I use both depending on how much time I have to dedicate to the post.

Complete Post Re-Write: 

If you have enough time, you can write your own article on this topic and link back to the original.  You would need to add the keywords as you would any other post your write, including in the Title and the content.  The important thing once you learn to use keywords well is not to overload or “stuff” your post with keywords.

Review and Link to an already established Article

You can take the post and read the article that is trending that you want to blog about.  Then, add an introduction to the article, post a photo and then an excerpt from the article.  Be sure to link to the original source of the article and image if you use one.  You can add a sentence or two at the bottom, something along the lines, “Read more about xyz at Title of the Original Article” and link to it.  Then be sure to add the trending topic keyword in your post title at least once and in your introductory paragraph once and in your tags.

This is a great habit to start and maybe do first thing in the morning and let the internet do the work for you during the day while you move on to something else.

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