Call Yourself An Entrepreneur not Dadpreneur or Mompreneur

Why call me a dadpreneur?

I was at a friend’s home recently and had to answer the awkward question by an unfamiliar guest. The question was some version of what you do for a living.

I told the curious gentleman that I am an engineer by profession but am currently running a small start-up with a friend and we design and sell cloth diapers.

Triviality ensued. And then he called me a “dadpreneur”. I replied, if a title were necessary, I’d rather be called just an entrepreneur.

So call yourself an entrepreneur not dadpreneur or mompreneur. Gender referencing words are not popular today.

Call Yourself An Entrepreneur not Dadpreneur or Mompreneur

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I was an Entrepreneur before my Daughter was Born

I was an entrepreneur in the 8th grade. Defined myself when I sourced a cheaper supplier of notebooks (the paper kind) for my high school, linked the supply shop to the fellow responsible for buying school supplies and kept a small profit on the transaction, enough for feeding a few buddies.

Nobody termed me a “childpreneur” then.

Parents ≠ Entrepreneur. Parents = More Awesome Entrepreneur

Being a parent has taught me to be more patient and look at the larger picture, when things are going awry.

These things have certainly carried over to my business. But fatherhood has not changed my decision making pattern for doing things in the best interest of my business.

I might see a few issues with new eyes. Now I have more appreciation for people who can balance raising a family and running a mad-house AKA a small business.

Yes I have more empathy for people letting things slide now and again because of family matters.

My motivations to succeed have slightly changed since I became a father.  Must provide for my family, while spending enough time with them. But, priorities change at every new station in life.

Running a Business comes with Bigger Challenges

Being a mom, dad or caretaker of a person hasn’t made things any more or less difficult to put a business together.

Making a business successful and meaningful comes with a horde of challenges, including raising a family, as each one of you can vouch but that doesn’t define how it is run- nor should it.

Call Yourself An Entrepreneur not Dadpreneur or Mompreneur

Raising a Family makes Life more Interesting, not Limiting

Each time I tell somebody that I run a cloth diapering company, they inevitably tell me that they have this amazing business IN THEIR MIND or they always wanted to be independent by owning a business.

Most of these people have never done anything to take their dream ahead because there is something that is not aligned perfectly to start them off.

The reasons for not starting a business range from the obvious: a looming mortgage, a family to raise; to the ridiculous: new pet. Again, starting a business in itself is very, very difficult and sustaining it long enough to make it successful even more so.

Raising a young family, like all things in life, make things more interesting, but it is not limiting to your ability to start or run a business.

You don’t have be a Mom or Dad to run a Family-Centric Business

Nader, my partner at Lil Helper Cloth Diapers, is not a father. Yet, he is expected to abide the same high standard of conduct that a caring parent who runs an identical business- me.

He also has the enthusiasm and the right mind set to develop a product suitable for children. If he had only waited to start a cloth diaper company after becoming a parent; we would still be waiting.

How do you Define Yourself

Call yourself a business owner or an entrepreneur not a mom- or dadpreneur. Put yourself out there to be judged by the same standard as every business. Be judged on value, customer service, quality and price.

Providing the above-mentioned things to your customer does not require you to be a mom or dad- just a conscientious person, who happens to run a business.

So what do you call yourself when people ask you what you do? Leave a comment below.

If you are an entrepreneur or want to start your business someday. Please comment below.


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