You Are Always ‘On The Record’ #DisneySMMoms

You Are Always ‘On The Record’ #DisneySMMomsLast week I had the honor of attending the Disney Social Media Moms On The Road Event.

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It was a wonderful event that was filled with networking, learning, and laughing.  Three things that all business and blogging moms need!

There was a huge amount of information I was able to glean off the speakers, and I took notes to share with all of you!  It was clear during the sessions though, that I would need multiple posts to cover all the tidbits!  Today I will present my first installment.

Michelle Stepney, the Global Content Manager for Disney World ended the event.  At first, I had some trouble connecting with how her advice on ‘Being on Camera’ could relate to me, a small-time business mom and blogger.  I will likely never be ‘on camera’ or even interviewed by significant media.  But the more I thought about it, the more it did relate to me.

As a social media influencer, I reach thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of moms every day.  With Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Pinterest Pinners, and blog readers, I reach lots of people.  This is TERRIFYING!  I am a woman, with emotions, and some days, some comments and news get to me.

I started thinking of ways that ‘being in front of the camera’ really applies to me, and how I could help you protect yourself from negative events.

1. Choose your words carefully.  Type, read, and re-read before hitting ‘post’.  Think about each word you are using and how they will make others feel.  This does not mean that you can’t have any controversy surround you; in reality controversy can be good for publicity.  I wrote more on this topic here.  I would simply suggest that the words are chosen specifically to not hurt anyone’s feelings.

2. Remember that NOTHING IS OFF THE RECORD!  Michelle showed us examples of this and it really stuck with me.  Private groups and forums are great places to share struggles and frustration, but keep in mind, that anything online can be shared.  Even in private places, all it takes is a ‘print screen’, copy and paste, and your words are public.

3. If in doubt, don’t say it!  Or better yet, say it, but in the comfort of your own home, or to your best friend.  We all have different beliefs on sensitive subjects, and the last thing you want is to be disliked by fans or customers.

4. Remember what your purpose is.  If you own a business and want to sell things, then focus on making customers and finding ways to meet their needs.  If you are a blogger and want regular, consistent readers, then write in a way to keep them reading.  Controversial posts can be good at getting someone to read one specific post, but will they come back and read every post?

Overall hearing all about Walt Disney World, the joys and struggles of Mindee Doney (the creator of Boogie Wipes), and the panel of experts at the Disney On The Road Event was an amazing experience and I hope to share more about it with you in the coming weeks.

Does anyone have any stories about ‘being off the record’?


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