Should you give away freebies on your blog? The pros cons…

Should you give away freebies on your blog?

I often think about what I would do if Pinterest went away. (ps- here is how to use Pinterest to grow your blog).

What if Twitter, Linked in, or Google + started charging to share your posts the way that Facebook has started to do.)

We need to be prepared for any of these circumstances and the best way that you can do that is to build your e-mail subscribers. 

I currently use feed burner to share my posts once a day, with my email subscribers.

I PLAN on adding a “weekly newsletter” as well, for those readers that do not want a daily email “clogging up their inbox.”

You can use a simple company like MailChimp to do the weekly newsletters.

It is on my ‘to-do’ list.


So, should you give away freebies on your blog?

We  do.  We currently offer my subscribers this free ebook: Free eBook download “Instagram A New Marketing Frontier” – Reap your own reward from this Billion-Dollar Deal.

Since offering this free ebook, my subscribers have skyrocketed!


1-Ebook (something simple)
3-Mini-book (maybe 7 recipes or something like that)

Sounds great, right?

High numbers?  We agree – We do love it, but…

The problem with offering a freebie is:

1- Some will unsubscribed after they receive the free e-book
2- The opening rate is much lower.  Before I offered this book, most of my subscribers were opening the daily emails.  Now that rate is much lower.
3- Now that I know that they have subscribed just for the freebie, how will they be as followers?

I have gone back & forth with this, but in the end, I am keeping my free e-book because I want to have that option in case I have a great post that I want more people to see.  What if there is an awesome sale?  I’m sure more people will open that one.

For now, I check which posts are opened and which ones are not and it helps me to steer my blog in the direction that more people enjoy reading.

So, what do you think?  

Do you offer a freebie on your website?


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