Brand Yourself and Protect Your Reputation

Have you ever noticed that “Brand” that has the perfect Internet Presence? All the Google searches result in perfect looking results, relevant keywords and Meta Description.

And their nails and hair is PERFECT! It is not an accident that these people or brands have attained internet perfection. Brand yourself and protect your reputation.


Brand Yourself and Protect Your Reputation


Reputation Management

Take a look at some web based services to provide reputation management. What does reputation management mean relative to your internet presence? Online reputation management (ORM) is an emerging enterprise engaged in taking control or managing an individual or brand’s online image.

And it ensures that searches reveal the appropriate results. For example, in the case of people with similar names or companies with common names.

Sophisticated Manipulation

Public image savvy individuals, brands and businesses use ORM service providers to manage Public Relations disasters. Skilled techs can manage negative results by manipulating them down the results page.

It’s a huge win to move negative reviews from Google page 1 to page 2. In fact an amazing statistic; 91% of searchers don’t look at page 2 search results per Quora.

An Example Service Provider

Brand Yourself is a website that validates the ‘I have to google myself/others/love one/blind date’ feeling that you sometimes get. The site offers a free tool that researches your name and reports what impression you have on the internet.

The service researches your Social Media profiles and any articles that may contain your name. So, if you use your name as your business name, checking your reputation is essential.

Brand Yourself and Protect Your Reputation

Finally, if you received a black eye due to negative reviews or scandal consider a Reputation Management service like this. Brand yourself and protect your reputation and look perfect in searches by interested parties.

What do you think of this concept? BlackHat? GreyHat? Please comment below.

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