Why You Need to Upgrade Your Home-Based Business Space

The global pandemic has resulted in mass layoffs and major life changes.

Many individuals have decided that 2020 was their year to become business owners.

While some small businesses are struggling all over the world because of the global pandemic, other small business owners have been reporting better profits than ever.

Now is a great time to explore the world of self-employment and develop a part-time, side business.

Many home businesses can be operated out of an extra bedroom, especially if you’re operating an online business drop-shipping from Amazon or another type of online store.

But a lack of space can severely limit your options when it comes to your business ideas.

An investment in extra, dedicated space outside your home, but still on your residential property, can be incredibly beneficial for your home-based business.

If you are operating or considering starting a home business, you may seriously want to consider constructing an addition or new building on your property separate from your residence.

Whether you’re looking to start a home-based business or need more space to expand your current operation, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best home business ideas that require more space than a spare room or your basement would provide.

Before you leave your full-time job to scale your side hustle, make sure you have the space your business needs to succeed now and in the future.

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Ghost Kitchen and Other Food-related Businesses

Starting a home-based food business is an excellent opportunity for you to share your culinary prowess and build a successful business for yourself.

All food premises, including home-based food businesses, must adhere to provincial-specific requirements and regulations, as well as periodic inspections by their local public health unit.

In order to comply with regulations, you will most likely need to utilize a kitchen other than your own for your home-based food business.

Having another kitchen built on your property is a great investment if you plan on maintaining your business at home for the long run.

Massage Therapy

Almost 30% of massage therapists work from home, allowing them to save on commuting costs and commercial rent.

Many massage clients have very specific expectations for their experience, including a quiet, aesthetically-pleasing, and calm environment.

Does your home currently offer the tranquility a massage therapy client requires?

If not, a separate building or addition to your home would be ideal for your home massage therapy business.

In addition to relaxing space for your massage practice, you will need a bathroom and office space to conduct your administrative tasks.

Pet Sitting and Training Services

Dogs need room to run and play, but they will also need kennels and different facilities so they can be separated for playtime.

Many daycares and boarding services separate puppies and small dogs from larger dogs to keep all the dogs safe.

Because of this, you will likely need enough space to accommodate a few different groups of dogs and give them enough room to exercise.

Many people successfully run pet sitter and pet training businesses from their homes, provided they have a sizable property to work with.

You may need to consider building a separate facility that offers enough space both outdoors and indoors for the dogs.

Pet owners will take your business more seriously if you’ve invested into the appropriate amount of space for your canine clients.

Adding a well branded website with SEO principles applied to your business would be a great idea – check out this Dog Training website for inspiration.

Thrift Store and Garage Sale Resellers

Have you ever walked into a thrift store and noticed how inexpensive the items are?

Or have you visited a garage sale and noticed someone selling an amazing piece of furniture for a really low price?

Many people take the items they find and re-sell them online on platforms like Ebay or Etsy, often making a large profit.

You can focus on niche markets to look for super-rare items and sell them to the highest bidder.

This is a great way to start a home-based business. But where do you store your finds?

You’ll need extra space to store things before you sell them.

A pre-fab steel building purpose-built to store goods is ideal for this home-based business.

Daycare Service

If you enjoy spending time with children, have passion for and training in childhood development and know how to take care of them, a daycare business could be an excellent home-based business opportunity for you.

Educate yourself on any regional Certification you may require.

Between space for naptime and play, you’ll need to make sure you have ample space at home for a daycare business.

Consider erecting an additional building purposely-designed for children with options like custom-height washrooms and countertops.

Photography Business

If you’re an expert at taking beautiful and eye-catching photos, you may be able to turn your expertise into a profitable business that you can operate from home as a photographer.

A home-based photo studio is easy to create, and all you’ll need is a camera and some equipment to get started.

Whether you are taking photos at your home studio or out at weddings or other events, having a dedicated space at your home can be very beneficial when you are operating a photography business.

Cleaning Business

Cleaning businesses can make a lot of money.

People like Home Cleaning Businesses because they have low startup costs.

Start by getting the equipment you need and move on to finding residential and commercial clients.

You will need to think about space to store your cleaning equipment.

Computer Repair Services

If you have IT and computer experience, starting a home-based computer repair service might be a great job for you.

More than 84% of households own at least one computer.

74% of these homes are connected to high-speed internet where they can get computer viruses and other forms of malware.

These are all potential customers.

Provided you can offer these people a convenient and trustworthy service, there is a good chance that you can make a great deal of money operating a computer repair service from home.

Depending on your business volume, you may need to build a workshop on your property to have a safe and soundproof space to work on computers and store them securely.

A prefab building or shed are both great options when you need to Upgrade Your Home-Based Business Space.

Personal Training Services

Personal training services have increased in popularity in recent years.

With more and more people looking for guidance on how to lose weight and build muscle, personal trainers have enjoyed being part of an industry that continues to grow.

If you’re looking to build a name for yourself in the personal training world, you don’t necessarily need to open your own gym or work for a large corporate gym.

Instead, you can offer your services from the comfort of your home, in a fitness studio custom-built to serve your business needs.

The Bottom Line: More Space Matters

Do you know how will you separate your workspace from your living space?

Do you have other people in your household or a neighborhood setting that could create a noisy work environment?

Will you be comfortable having people you do not know enter your house?

Do you have other employees that will be working for you on your property?

Depending on your answers to these questions, you may want to strongly consider purchasing a home addition or additional building for your property.

If you don’t have a separate entrance, many businesses may be awkward if run within the same place you and your family live.

When you have the space your business requires, you will be able to scale your business accordingly.

Building options include wood framed structure or a pre-engineered Steel Building.

Visit your local building department to learn what you are permitted to build on your property before you buy anything!

It’s crucial that you understand the space requirements of your home-based business, not only now, but when the business scales.

The right amount of space can make or break your business when you run a home-based company – so Upgrade Your Home-Based Business Space.

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