Tips on How to Balance Blogging and Family in the Summertime

I have been contemplating how to get my blogging accomplished this summer and still be there to spend quality time with my children.

How do you balance it all?  How does one keep up with all that blogging requires (new posts, social media, comments, linking up at parties, and more) while spending quality time with children, doing household chores, and just being on the go?

I know I have not been the only one thinking about this topic as Ray Hiltz just did a Google+ Hangout last week all about the topic of whether people are taking a summer break from social media.

Here are a few tips that might help you to balance your family and other commitments with blogging this summer.  We’ll have to check in at the end of the summer and see if it worked!

Tips on how to balance summer and blogging


Steps I am taking to help lighten my load this summer:

  • I have taken on co-hosts for a whole summer for my social media link-ups and not just for a  month.  I am trying to finish getting what they need for the whole summer and set up a part of all my posts for the next 13 weeks at the same time.  I am three-fourths of the way done with this.
  • I have gotten more co-hosts for my post link-up parties so that they do the pinning and commenting for me.
  • I am asking for guest posts.
  • I am planning to recycle some old favorite posts instead of writing all new posts.

Tips from other bloggers:

  • Lighten your load by picking  one or two social medias to have a presence and only do those. (Marie Forleo)
  • Many bloggers said to keep a blogging schedule, but I loved this tip by Blogging on the Side.  She said to be honest and tell your children that sometimes Mommy has to work for a while.  There will be times that you have to blog while the children are awake.  As long as you keep to a schedule and don’t let it dominate the day, it is okay to say, “Mommy has to work for half an hour.  You can play by yourself/with your siblings now.”
  • Allume talks about seizing the moment.  When they are sleeping, be organized!  Turn off social media, close other windows, and get that post done!
  • Ray Hiltz from NewRayCom says to maintain a presence on social media, but to slow down!  And another great tip he gives is to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile as more people are on the go and will read your posts as they are out and about.

Some more ideas:

  • Post less (2 times instead of 3 times a week.)
  • On vacation, take a break!  Melissa Culbertson from Blog Clarity writes how it’s okay to let it go for a week!  Of course, you can do some of the ideas mentioned above like get guest posters and revamp a couple of old posts.

And remember . . .

Keeping what is most important in focus whey balancing blogging and summer and kids

What are you doing to balance blogging and family this summer?


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