Social Media 101: Facebook Rules

I have recently heard of a business page with over 10,000 fans that was shut down, without warning, simply for going against Facebook’s rules.

A post by Anna Gervais got me thinking and writing Social Media 101: Facebook Rules.

Social Media 101: Facebook Rules

Social Media 101: Facebook Rules

Below are just a few things you are NOT ALLOWED to do on your Facebook Business Page:

Include your website, call to action or contact details in your timeline cover or icon photo

Forget to mention Facebook when explaining associations for giveaways (you must state that they are not sponsoring the event).

Force fans to ‘like’ another page in order to enter a giveaway.

Use ‘likes’ as votes (ie. photo with the most ‘likes’ wins).

Notify winners through Facebook. Be sure to receive email addresses of entrants.

This list is only a brief overview of some prohibited actions. It is not an exhaustive list. For all the details visit Facebook.

For an excellent resource on How You Can Use the Facebook Cover Photos check out this Social Media Examiner post.

So what do I do to help abide by the rules? I use my blog for our giveaways and watch my wording in posts. I only use photos or my logo as my timeline photo and icon. 

Even ETSY breaks the rules!

Tell me in the comments below if you have broken a rule or two. Please don’t link your pages, we don’t want you to get into any trouble!


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