5 Things I Hate About Blogs


5 Thing I Hate About Blogs

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First off, I know I am a blogger and I do not hate blogs but some aspects of blogs/bloggers are super frustrating and annoying.

Blogs ending in .blogspot.com or similar.  If you are blogging for fun or as a hobby then having a free blogging domain is fine (in fact I encourage it) BUT if you want to monetize your site buy a domain for $10 (At GoDaddy domains are only 2.99 right now).  Not only will your blog look much more credible, but you can also start branding yourself.

Too much sponsored content.  I am all for turning your blog into a business and making money, but the majority of your content should not be sponsored.  There is nothing worse than trying to follow a blog and having to dig through 10 or more ads just to find something the blogger wrote.

No ‘about’ blurb.  I check out new blogs ALL. THE. TIME.  Your homepage should say something so a new reader knows what your blog is about.  We have our tagline right in the header, others have an ‘about’ bio in the side bar.  I do not care where it is as long as I can easily find it.  It is so strange (not to mention a turn-off) to find a new blog only to have no idea what it was about.  I may have found one post that looks neat through Pinterest but will not stay if I do not think there is anything else I will like.

Getting stuck in a post.  Have you ever finished a post and find yourself stuck with no place to go.  A basic necessity of a blog must be navigation bars or a related posts plugin.  How am I supposed to discover more about your blog if I am abandoned at the end of a post?

Promoting every day but only posting on a weekly basis.  I am part of a few blogger support groups on Facebook.  A huge pet peeve of mine is when a blogger joins in on an Alexa group or similar but they only post once a week.  If you want more views a day then create more content.  I do not want to see the same post 2 weeks in a row.

What do you hate about blogs?


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