Google+ Post 4: Events, Hashtags, Google Apps, and More!

Don’t you love social media?

I started doing this Google+ series a couple months ago, and the second post included tips on how to gain Google authorship for your blog.  Well, you no longer have to worry about that as Google has just removed authorship from their search results. Google+ Post 4: Events, Hashtags, Google Apps, and More!

If you had never taken the steps to set up authorship, then yay!  for you.  You get to save  yourself the time and headache of trying to figure it out!

Google+ Post 4: Events, Hashtags, Google Apps, and More!

However, this latest development from Google should encourage every blogger to use Google+!


Because Google+ posts still will show up in the Google search results with your name and picture.  (At least until something else changes.)  So go over there and get busy!

Today is the fourth and final post in this series on Google+.  I will try to get a post ready for you on must-follow people/bloggers on G+ as well as events that will help grow your presence on Google+.Use Google+ because of the way you can plan events, use the hashtag, use of google docs, google search, and it ensures more traffic for your blog!

Today’s post is a fun post to write as all of the features that will be mentioned are terrific features of Google+!


I love this feature, and it beats Facebook’s events hands down.  With Facebook, you can invite anyone who follows you, but it’s hard to narrow  it down to certain people.  With the  events on G+, you can invite the “Public” (anyone who has followed you), or you can invite just a certain circle.  You can also invite a community that you are part of to the event.  If you want others to share your event, then you need to make it public.  I do an event for 3 of my parties every week, and it definitely brings in new bloggers to my parties.The event will remind you a couple of days before the event happens and it will remind you when it starts.  Under the settings tab on G+, you can choose how you want to be notified (or not) of events you have planned as well as events you are invited to.How to choose your settings for events in G+Events can also be integrated with your Google calendar.  You can choose the settings for your calendar as well.  Click on the gear icon, go down to settings, and set them to what you desire.How to choose your settings for notifications of events in Gmail calendar


I love this feature too!  Google+ will automatically put a hastag on a post for you if you don’t put one on yourself.  You can add as many hashtags as you want, and you can search for a topic using a hashtag.  You can also see if a hashtag is trending and include it (if it applies) to your posts.  Many parties and groups now have people use their hashtag, and then it is easy to boost the other party attenders’ posts by clicking on the hashtag.  It pulls up all the other posts that have used that hashtag and you can go through and +1, comment, and share on those posts.  You either can type a hashtag in the search bar or by clicking on “Explore” and typing in the hashtag there.  Under the “Explore” tab is where you will see which hashtags are doing well right at that time.Search Google+ by a hashtag

Google Docs and other apps:

Google+ is  very closely integrated with Google Maps, Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, and Google Search.  I get all my blogs’ emails sent to my Gmail account , and I am using the Gmail calendar all the time!  You can have a doc for your communities that can be edited where people can put in all their social media/blog links.  I share scripts for my co-hosts using google docs.  It’s also how I share all my printables on my blog.

Google+ search

You get search results from Google+ and from all over the web!  You can post to G+ about your blog plus search without leaving to go to a new window.  Go HERE to read more about using Google+ search.

Benefits of using google+ search

More views!!

Here are my stats right from Google analytics of The Ultimate Linky.  You can see how Google+ sends me more views for The Ultimate Linky. Google+ Post 4: Events, Hashtags, Google Apps, and More!

google referral3google referral2

More reading on using Google+!


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