4 Ways to Add a Picture to a Video

Have you ever seen a still picture displayed in a video that you are watching on a blog?

The still picture is not part of the movie, but it is incorporated into the video with a video editor.

The picture can be overlayed as a small logo watermark on the corner of the screen of the blog video.

You can also display it in full image size as the intro part before the actual video content load.

The following are 4 ways to add a picture to a video for your blog.


4 Ways to Add Picture to a Video


Online Video Editor

There are online video editors that you can use to add pictures to your video.

If you use an online tool, you must upload your video and the picture you want to overlay on it.

The picture is resizable so don’t worry if the picture you add has a large size.

You can drag the corner to reduce it to a small icon like how you normally resize a picture with your mouse cursor.

Some online tools also let you add text, and draw shapes.


So, after you add the picture, you can add a text URL of your landing page below it.

In this way, the audience who are interested in learning more about your product can visit it.

When you are done adjusting the picture on your video, you can click the download button, and it will start preparing the video.

You must download the video as soon as possible once it is ready as they will delete your video if you don’t download it.


Desktop Video Editor

The second option is to use a desktop video editing software to add the picture to your video.

The advantage is that you can load the video from your computer without having to upload it.

This makes it convenient for you, especially if you want to add pictures to a lot of videos.

If you wish to incorporate the picture as the intro, you add it in the first sequence before the actual video clip on the timeline.


If you want to overlay a small icon as a watermark, you will need to look for the picture in picture mode.

Every video editor is different after you download the software, click here and there to explore its features.

Then, you will know how to load a picture onto the video.

If not, you can always check if the software developer provides a knowledge base for adding pictures to the video.


Video Editor App

If you have a mobile device, you can use a video editor app to add the picture in the video.

There are lots of free video editor app you can install on Google Play.

Video editor Android app is great for adding a watermark picture to a short video clip.

The short video clip is small and easy to process.

If you want to add a lot of pictures to a video clip, it is not recommended that you use an Android app.

It would be better to work the project with a desktop video editor on a large computer monitor.

Additionally, the phone is not supposed to be used for saving the large video.

So, if you need to add pictures to a large video, you should be using a desktop video editor instead.


Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker also can be used for adding pictures to the video.

To do so, click the import video button to import the video clip.

Now, click on the Import Pictures button to import the picture you want to add to the video clip.

The next step is to drag the video clip onto the timeline panel.

You can drag the picture in front or behind the clip depending on where you want it to appear on the timeline.

If you drag the image to slightly overlapping the video clip end, it will appear in a fade-in transition.

Finally, you can click the Save Movie button to save the movie.


Windows Movie Maker is only available in the old versions of Windows.

If you use Windows 10, you can use the Photos app to create a picture slideshow.

You must go to Import > New video > Automatic.

Next, select the photos you want to use for creating a slideshow and click the Create button.

It will prompt you for the title of your video.

The video title can be changed afterwards if you want.

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