Why Go Digital With Your Advertising? Part One of Two

Looking at options for advertising your business can be a bit like entering the shark tank. The terminology is new, and the concepts can be foreign. Here are a few tips to demystify digital options for the micro business owner. We will explain why go digital with your advertising?

Why Go Digital With Your Advertising?

Ads on the sidebar of TOTS

Step One:

How do you know?
Most ezine websites will make a portion of their revenue off of selling real estate on their webpage. If you have a site that you visit, or that communicates with your ideal client, check them out and see what they offer.

The digital advertising blocks will be on the right sidebar, or across the banner of the page. Other sites may also run pop up ads on articles (but I would avoid these – would you want someone to slam a flyer in your face, or offer it to your hand?)

As well, they may offer newsletter services, reviews or ad-itorials (purchased editorial)

Check their site for an “advertise with us” link, or contact them via: a sales email address.


Step Two:

Know what to ask for.
Before you fully engage with the site, have an understanding of what your business wants to accomplish by advertising. You will also want to have a budget based on some of the advertising industry standards (noted below)

Digital ad Boxes:

These are the boxes on the webpage sidebars and header. You will most likely need to supply your own ad, so build any extra design fees into this purchase. Most sites run ads sized 125×125 and 250×250. Banners can come in various sizes.
Best for: logo recognition, short call to action sales (Click today & save 10%) etc
Industry standard pricing: About 10$ for 1000 impressions on a website for a small box. 30+ and up for 1000 impressions for larger ads and top placements. (so, if the website you are working with has 5000 pageviews a month, your ad will run for 1/5th of a month, or cost 50$ for 1 months advertising)

Newsletter Advertising:

Many companies will use their newsletters as a revenue generator. The will sell the sidebar spots on the newsletters, or provide options for shared ad filled editions, or direct emails (the newsletter is all about you!)

There is value to newsletters, but make sure the company you are working with has a flair for engaging. You will want to know their average newsletter open rates (50% is great) and click through rates. Be sure to get the opens & click throughs on the type of newsletter you are purchasing space in. Many companies will have lower rates for their shared and direct emails.

You will most likely be purchasing a digital ad/logo space & 50 words (or more) of text. Ensure you have a call to action on your button & text (click now to save…)

Best for: seasonal advertising (fall photo sessions)

Industry standard pricing: You will pay for these by the subscriber – usually .05-.10c per person on the list for a sidebar ad, depending on the placement. Prices will increase for shared & direct emails. (Your newsletter is sent to 1000 people, 50% open and your cost is 50-100$ for an ad.


These are specific posts written about your business or your product. Often done as a review of a product or service, these can add huge value and recognition to your business… as long as it is a good review and written well!

Many small blogger sites will review your product for a small fee, or even just for a free product or giveaway! Be sure to ask what happens if they don’t like the product.. eek, a bad review can do some major damage to your brand!

You can also twist this post to write almost as a press release on your brand. Have it focussed around your business launch, or values, or something amazing you have done in the community. If you mom’s are your niche market, they always love to hear the back story of a business and support local businesses with heart! Many companies will also link these editorials to their newsletters and promote via social media! If the article takes off, they get clicks to their website and viral traffic – a win/win!

Best for: Launches, values based advertising.
Industry standard pricing: I wouldn’t expect to purchase a custom article for less than $125 from an Ezine site. If it is a product review, on a smaller site or via a blogger, you will get it much cheaper. Think of the market you want to connect with here and don’t focus on selling the product – sell the brand & the business values for longer term gain!

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