10 Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers

You need these Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers to manage your time and resources effectively.

You need these Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers to manage your time and resources effectively.

Being your own boss, cherry-picking your clients, making your own schedule and working remotely are just some of the perks that come with being a freelancer.

But every coin has two sides and the freedom of freelancing does come with its fair share of responsibility, including searching for clients, creating invoices, manage payment schedules and track working hours with a time tracking app, all while finishing your work on time and keeping the clients happy.

Doing all of this without any assistance can be painstaking, but fortunately, there are a lot of useful tools and resources that can make your freelancing experience much easier.

10 Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers in 2018 1 Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a Q&A platform made for developers of any level of expertise.

The website has a reward system of leveling and rating users based on their engagement and their contribution to the community.

This is a place where you can ask any question on the development and get answers without any distractions.

StackOverflow is a part of StackExchange websites and as it runs a huge library of detailed answers.

It has become one of the most trusted resources development community with over 50 million amateur and professional programmers coming together to develop their skills and find new and exciting job opportunities.


10 Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers in 2018 2 GitHub


GitHub is a git repository service – a place on the cloud where you can host all your code and track its changes with each literary thanks to revision control system.

As an open repository, it enables you to publicly showcase and share your code with the development community.

Your code will be available for download with a huge community of professional developers and enthusiasts who might help you spot some unforeseen problems and or conflicts.


10 Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers in 2018 3 CodePen

Content Marketing Institute

CMI is the leading organization whose goal is to provide education and training in storytelling through content creation and promotion.

The CMI website is filled with detailed information on content marketing techniques and methodologies. All their data is backed up with research, audits and case studies.

Whether you’re new to content marketing and you’re looking for a guide to get you started or a seasoned content marketer trying to refine your content strategy.

The Content Marketing Institute offers articles, on- and offsite resources, research information, training and tutorials to help you develop and execute a successful marketing strategy.


10 Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers in 2018 5 Unbounce


Unbounce landing page and conversion rate optimization blog has a huge base of guides and case studies based on research, experiments and audits.

Their mission is to help connect, educate and empower marketing individuals, teams and agencies to elevate their business and optimize their conversion rates.

Unbounce’s marketing platform is ideal for both marketing enthusiasts and industry professionals looking for a way to quickly develop, launch and test landing pages, sticky bars, and popups, all without a need for a developer.


10 Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers in 2018 6 DesignRush


Designrush is the perfect digital destination for freelancers to discover everything they need, from emerging technologies and latest marketing trends to best videography designs and content management tips.

It’s designed directory not only offers some of the best designs and design practices but also features a list of global and local agencies for freelancers to work with.

Their website also features a number of free and paid tools and resources.

They include industry-related news and insights, all neatly organized for your viewing pleasure.


10 Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers in 2018 7 Nielsen Norman

Nielsen Norman Group

Founded in 1998 and since then, it has become one of the leading voices in the field of user experience.

Specialized in consulting, training and research, the group has worked with and observed more than 4,000 individual users.

They tested over 2,000 different design interfaces and conducted numerous focus groups, diary studies, and remote user test.

Decades worth of testing and research have been boiled down into a clear set of actionable guidelines, practices, and methodologies.

All this valuable info can be used to improve your bottom line by saving you time.


Time and Project Management Tools

10 Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers in 2018 8 Toggl


Toggl is a simple yet powerful time tracking app that promises to help users working on time-sensitive projects manage how they spend their time using a single click.

It can be used as a standalone app, added to your browser as an extension.

Toggl will integrate into project management apps such as Asana, Basecamp, and Xero.

Besides tracking time, Toggl can also help you save time as well.

It save time by putting together CSV and PDF reports you can use to invoice your clients.


10 Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers in 2018 9 Trello


Trello is an excellent project management and online collaboration tool.

You can use it to organize family chores, travel plans and work-related projects and tasks, using a single-window, multi-user interface.

Files, images, and text are organized in cards and individual cards to be dragged, dropped, reordered, searched through and shared.

Users can plan out their weeks with daily lists, create and schedule recurring tasks.

Or use it with similar tools to automatically track and log completed tasks during busy times.

10 Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers in 2018 10 Taskbord


Taskboard is a Kanban-inspired project management tool that offers a clean, simple interface for keeping track of tasks.

It is completely free, open-source and Markdown compatible.

This allows users to seamlessly transition all their comments, reminders and notes between documents, websites and Taskboard itself.

You will accomplish this without wasting valuable time on formatting their work.

It offers unlimited projects, customizable columns with item-specific colors, categories, and attachments.

Taskboard keeps track of comments and a full activity history across the board for admins.

If you are looking to create a stunning presentation but don’t have enough time then this tool is for you.

Xtensio is a collaborative tool that allows users to create, manage, share and present living documents with ease increasing productivity all throughout the team.


The documents you create can be edited in real-time so you and your colleagues can collaborate on creating engaging content.

The drag and drop functionality makes it easier for non-technical users to design a folio from scratch or users can also find inspiration from existing editable templates.

The best part is you can present the documents like a slideshow and it’s responsive to different mobile devices.

Become a Better Freelancer with these Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers

So there you go, a nice list to get you going.

Remember, when you get stuck, there is always a way out.

Be it reading how other experts work or using useful project management tools.

You will always jumpstart your career using the Free Tools and Resources for Freelancers..

Be bold, get inspired, and use these resources to your advantage to become more successful than yesterday.


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