7 Tips On How To Run a Giveaway on Your Blog

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We are sharing 7 tips on how to run a giveaway on your blog. I am sure you will find these valuable.


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We published a post titled “What NOT To Do When Running A Blog Giveaway: 7 Tips”, being a glass half full kinda girl, I thought I would follow it up with a post full of tips to help you impress sponsors, attract entrants and run a smooth and professional giveaway on your blog.

Give different value of points for each type of tasks

On my ‘What NOT To Do When Running A Blog Giveaway: 7 Tips” post, I said I didn’t like when all tasks were worth more entries (like 10).

What I do like is when tasks that require a different amount of effort or are of different importance, are valued with a different amount of entries.

For example, it is more time consuming to “leave a comment on a non-giveaway post”, so go ahead, give the entrants 5 entries for that.

Or for a major sponsor’s facebook page, make ‘liking’ it worth 2 entries, but liking your facebook page worth only 1.

However you choose to do it will be fine, but I recommend grouping type of tasks together and within those groupings, go in order of value.

So all facebook likes together and then tasks worth 5 entries above those with 2 and 1.

Yes, I am getting a little OCD here, but appearance matters.

List and give descriptions and links to each sponsor’s prize

You can see what I mean in our Giveaway for TOTS: Family launch,and our New Year, New You Giveaway .

As a sponsor, I would like you to take the time to get a little info about my product and link back to me in the content of the post.

Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business Winner-is-Depositphotos_82044374_m-2015 7 Tips On How To Run a Giveaway on Your Blog All Posts Blogging Small Business TOTS Business  rafflecopter giveaway tips giveaway rules giveaway

List the prize in the ‘prize’ section of the entry form

This will make it clear and easy to know what your entrants are looking to win.

I am familiar with Rafflecopter and it is simple to do when using this giveaway tool.

Often Bloggers use Rafflecopter to learn how to run a giveaway on your blog.

Let’s face it, people are busy and some people will skim the post and head right for the entry form.

Add to the publicity by looking for other blogs to work with

Blogging really has to be a team sport.

Supporting other bloggers is what TOTS: Business is all about.

Find a couple bloggers, or a blogger group on Facebook and ask if anyone will help promote your event in exchange for an entry on your form.

Make it clear what you expect, for example, hosting the html, promoting 3 times a week or adding it to their list of open giveaways.

Sponsors will love that their giveaway is going to be posted on multiple blogs and always love to get more bang for their buck.

*Quick tip, google hates repeated content, make sure each blog changes some wording within the post.

Make the giveaway pic heavy

Add images, lots of images. Of the products, sponsor’s logos, use of the product.

Readers like images within blogs and will get more excited about entering a giveaway when they have a clear image of what they might win.

With this, if not all the items in the images are included (or if they include 10 colours of an item, and there is only 1 up for grabs) make it clear what the prize includes.

If possible, add wording to the pictures with PicMonkey or other program

For example write “Enter to win a great prize from (insert sponsors name here) valued at (insert prize value).

Pin these images and share them on you social media pages.

People respond to nice images and sponsors will appreciate the effort.

Send a detailed email to the sponsor following the giveaway

As a sponsor, I have received detailed statistics along with the winners name and contact information.

This came across very professional and I am much more likely to use these bloggers again.

The email listed total number of entries, number of actual unique entrants, page views, click throughs, etc.

It also came with the winners contact information.

This was very helpful to me and is demonstrates you know how to run a giveaway on your blog.

Were any of these ideas new to you, do you already do them, or disagree with them?

Tell us, we would love to hear your thoughts.




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