To Repin or not to Repin: The One Must Follow Pinterest Rule

To repin or not to repinThere are fewer ways that I enjoy wasting time on the computer then ‘pinning’ on Pinterest. To Repin or not to Repin: The one “Must Follow” Pinterest Rule.

For those of you who do not know the wonderful world of Pinterest it is an online space where you can collect, organize and share all of the beautiful, wacky and inspirational things you find. It is a hoarders virtual paradise. You get to share all of these great finds by pinning them onto your boards. Your friends and other Pinterest users get to check out what you have shared with them and if they like can repin onto their own boards.

As great as Pinterest is there is a lot of misuse in the community. To make sure you are being an awesome pinner make sure you follow one simple rule:

Always make sure your credit your source

There are a few ways to do this and all of them are very easy – I promise.

1) When you see something you love and want to repin click on the image first. This will bring up a large version of the image. Click on the image again. This should bring you to the exact post/site where the image originated from. If you get a 404 error or you are directed to a homepage or just a photo please find the source before repinning.

2) Add the Pin It button to your bookmark bar in your browser. That way whenever you happen to be on a site and see something that would be awesome on Pinterest you can click your handy Pin It button. A selection of all of the photos on that page will pop up and you click the one you like. Easy peasy. Just make sure if you are pinning from a blog you click from the blog post and not the homepage so proper credit is given.

3)  Use any handy pin it buttons which are already existing on a persons website. For example on TOTS whenever you hover or an image a pin it button appears. There is an added bonus to this. When the blog/website has Pinterest buttons on their sites it means they WANT you to pin their stuff. And we all want to keep our favourite bloggers happy 🙂

Are you addicted to Pinterest? What is your favourite way to pin?



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