Fresh Ideas for Promoting a Business or Blog


Want your business or blog to attract some notice?  If you’re tired of flyers, newspaper ads, and Facebook posts that go unnoticed, try these creative ways to get the word out:

  • Make a video for You Tube.  No, you don’t have to dress up and read off cue cards.  It could be a video of anything that will help to “plug” your business or blog.  For example, a handyman might do a simple tutorial entitled “How to Unclog a Drain” and then mention at the end of the video that he has more tips and tricks at his blog.
  • Make a t-shirt with your logo and wear it around.  Get a few for your children, too!  This might spark some profitable conversations, especially if you wear them in places where potential clients might be hanging out.
  • Get your product or business card into a goodie bag.  Do you make baby blankets and burp cloths?  Check with local birth centers and hospitals and see if you can’t arrange to have a product sample included in the bags they send home with new mothers.  Ask your friends if they’d like to give away one of your creations at their next baby shower as a prize.  Check with local business seminars and see if you can add a sample or business card to the gift bags they hand out to attendees.  Better yet, offer a door prize.
  • Learn to think backwards.  What it is that made you go buy someone else’s product?  Why did you want to do business with a certain person?  How did you find your favorite blogs and why did you decide to subscribe?  Use the answers and apply them to your business, and you’ll almost certainly have similar success.
  • Be a point of light in your community – both locally and online.  People will remember the good that you do and think of your business or blog in a positive way.  When it’s time to buy, they will remember you because they have a personal connection with you.
  • Swap marketing materials with other entrepreneuers.  Ask things like “Would you place my business cards on your store counter if I hand yours out when my club meets?”  Likewise, bloggers can exchange links and share each other’s posts and giveaways.
  • Join the conversation online in forums that pertain to your area of expertise.  It will show others that you have useful knowledge and a willingness to help.  Make sure that your website, blog page, and/or social media links are automatically included in every post.

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