What is Creative Commons?

What is Creative Commons?

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is an alternative to copyright. As soon as you type on your blog, put your pen to paper or start a brush stroke your work is automatically copyrighted. That mean if anyone, anywhere wanted to use your photo, song lyrics, blog post etc they would have to ask your permission. You do not have to explicitly state you have a copyright as it is already implied. This saves authors a lot of time and worry. The application is easy and quick to complete and submit.

What if you don’t mind your work being used by others or modified? This is where Creative Commons comes in. Creative Commons gives tools to creators to make a choice about Copyright. The basic choices are can you use the content commercially or not, can you make dirivatives of the work, do you want to require “share alike”, in other words if I share your work with an entity do i need to offer the same use options.

You don’t have to do anything; this groundwork enables you to make choices how your work can be used (or not used). This is all about Creativity and Connection, Access and Control.

So take control and get your Creative Commons license click here. It’s free.

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