Know, Like, Trust – Sandbox To Success Episode 042

Know, Like, Trust - Sandbox To Success Episode 042

Today on Episode 42 of the Sandbox to Success podcast we’re talking about “Know, Like and Trust” and why those 3 core things are important in building a successful blog, or continuing a successful blog. When you’re talking about any brand you need to know who they are, like what they have to offer, and trust them! If you think about those three concepts in everything you do in your day to day life, you’ll find you can begin to use normal everyday interactions as inspiration. Here are a few tips and tricks to help build “Know, Like and Trust” in your business. Businesses that are new sometimes do well with like and trust, but people don’t know them. We also all know businesses that are known, but not like or trust.

Know, Like, Trust – Sandbox To Success Episode 042


People need to know who your blog is and what you do. Without this, they won’t ever go to your blog to determine whether they like or trust you. Most bloggers aren’t sure how to promote their content. They assume writing great content is enough, but it isn’t. It’s important to share and promote your own content on a regular basis. Someone may like it and share with their followers, who may then share it with their followers, and so on and so forth. The thing is, the first person (and subsequently everyone after) wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t put it out there.

Don’t just share your new content, but rotate in your old content as well. Tools like Triberr and Tailwind help you connect with other bloggers and share each other’s things.


This concept is a little trickier than getting people to know you, but there are several ways to achieve it. Be you! Maybe it’s your writing style that people like. One thing I’ve done on this Podcast is just talk to you like I’d talk to anyone in person. That’s all I have to offer. Like me or not, this is me, and you have the choice of whether or not to come back.

Be you, but don’t be the over the top you. Sometimes the pressure to be witty or the you that you WANT to be in your head can cause you to veer from what’s really your normal personality.

You also want to share great content, if you want people to share. Particularly photos. You don’t necessarily have to have expense equipment and fancy setups to achieve this, but there are things you can do. Don’t over process to the point you have no idea what’s going on. If it’s a nice day, take photos outside. Bright, clear photos are best.

Don’t know what looks good?


Don’t be afraid to put a picture out on Instagram and just ask people if it looks good, or delicious, or if they can see what’s going on there. Instagram is such a visual medium that if you aren’t getting likes and feedback there’s something you need to be doing. There are also great courses out there like Udemy (which often has $19 courses) that will allow you to take affordable online photography courses. Lots of free tips and tricks all over the internet and Pinterest as well.

Likeability not only has to do with your content and your voice, it also has to do with how your blog looks. It should be easy to read, without a lot of fancy font that deters from the content. Show who you are. Nothing wrong with the little “About Me” on the side (we have it to). One good example is Jen Gates. I read and admire her blog. It’s very much her. She’s given me the confidence to be more in tune with my “geeky interest”. You’ll find your tribe that way!


People need to trust what you’re presenting. Don’t lie to them or present something that’s not real. Don’t say a recipe is super easy, and it ends up being really complicated and not well written. How do you get people to trust you? Social proof. We have a “featured on” section on our site to highlight places we’ve been featured on. Testimonials are another great way to show readers what other satisfied readers have gained from following your site. There’s nothing wrong with taking what other people are already saying about you and using it to your advantage.

Social media “shoutouts” disappear or get buried in the timeline eventually, so there’s nothing wrong with featuring them!

You’ve probably heard about the blogger Josie Denise who wrote the viral article Dear Mommy Blogger, about how mommy blogging sucks and how she did reviews where the products actually sucked but she lied and said were awesome, etc. etc. If you do that… STOP! If you just pretend everything’s perfect and lie in reviews and articles, go back to your post and do an update. Put what you really thought! Tell your readers about how the toy broke after 3 months and your kid cried. Tell about how the paint started chipping after a while. Be authentic. Companies want authenticity and so do your readers. Without you showing the human side, your readers won’t be converting to customers of your client anyways. They have to trust you, and know that you’ll tell them the truth.

That’s it for today! If you have a particular question feel free to hit me up on social media, and perhaps I’ll do a whole episode to answer it!

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