Blog Writing Prompts For Fashion Blogs

Blog Writing Prompts: Fashion Blogs

I’m no fashionista; luckily for me, I live in a rural area where wearing earrings every day passes for fashionable, ha! Even though I don’t follow fashion fervently, I do enjoy the occasional Pinterest binge, scrolling through my favorite styles. If you need some fresh ideas for your fashion blog, here are a few blog writing prompts for fashion blogs that might get your started. Don’t forget to take great pictures! I find all my fashion blogs through Pinterest.

One reason I don’t follow fashion blogs typically is that so often they seem to feature clothes for one type of woman: a very thin twenty-year old. I think the fashion world would be so much more interesting if it was more diverse. Of course, there are many fashion blogs out there and I’m sure there are blogs that specialize in each of these special considerations, but I don’t stumble across them often.

Blog Writing Prompts For Fashion Blogs


Now this is one I know something about. I have found that motherhood has changed my fashion needs quite significantly. For example, I always loved long, flowing skirts, but now I find them too easy to get tangled up in when chasing kids and hauling their accoutrements; I look instead for long, flowing pants. There are so many aspects of motherhood that present unique wardrobe needs: maternity clothes, nursing clothes, clothes you can get down on the floor in, clothes that spaghetti won’t stain, clothes with a sturdy neckline that won’t stretch to your bellybutton when your child hangs from it. I would love it if someone could feature great looking clothes that won’t be ruined the first time I wear them, whether from leaking breast milk to greasy hands to the velcro from someone’s shoe.

Special Physical Considerations

My first thought about special clothing needs involved wheelchairs, SPD, and seniors. I did a little quick research and found that there are special clothing lines for each, and it’s quite fascinating; possibly even more helpful would be a fashion blogger who could find mainstream, readily available clothes that work for various physical needs. Wheelchairs in particular involve many considerations because your body changes significantly when you are seated–kneecap in a different place, bottom widened, etc. (For more information, read From Canes to Closures, Designing with Style for People with Disabilities on Although there are many lines of SPD friendly clothing without tags and with flattened seams, etc, most are for children; I’d love to see a fashion blogger highlight some non-irritating adult clothing. I also found many other things for a fashion blogger to consider and include: stylish canes and glasses, closures that open and close one handed, good looking yet supportive shoes, and more. I even found a special clothing line for people with eczema–I’m one of those people, so I found that quite interesting!

Extended sizes

One size does not fit all; there are many who are not flattered by off the rack style. How about some DIY tailoring posts? As a plus size petite, I have a very hard time finding things that aren’t too long on me; not just skirts and pants, but skirts that aren’t meant to hit mid-thigh and look like sacks. I’d love to see a series of great looks with links for my size! Tall, short, plus size or tiny, all the variety amongst people could be so much better represented on fashion blogs.

Hopefully these ideas can get your creative ideas flowing! I’d love to see any posts that these prompts inspired. This is just the tip of the iceberg for fashion writing ideas–look back later for ideas for posts about business and travel attire!

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