How To Make Sure Your Content Is Valuable

When you read anything about internet marketing and creating an online presence for your brand, you’ll hear plenty about valuable content and how important it is.  However, if you are in charge of writing content for your site, how can you be sure that it is going to be as valuable as you need it to be?

Use The Google Keyword Research Tool

To use the Google keyword research tool, you simply navigate to the website and type in a starter keyword to begin with.  Once you have done this, the keyword research tool will generate dozens or potentially even hundreds of other keywords that you can target.  Your goal is to look over these keywords and find ones that are ideal for you to target with your website.  This will generally be a keyword that is low in competition, such as one that has less search volume than the others.  The Google keyword tool does not give you any competition analysis, in regards to SEO.  The competition analysis that it does give you relates to PPC.  This means that you will have to search the keyword on your own and evaluate the top 10 results manually.

Look At Other Top Ranking Sites

The first thing you should do is evaluate the page rank of the sites that rank for the keyword you are thinking about targeting.  If they all have page rank of three or more, this is generally considered to be a difficult keyword to rank for.

Use The Title & Description From Other Sites For Inspiration

If the keyword is found in both the title and description of the sites that rank for this phrase, this means the competition is high.  You can check whether the keyword exists in the title and description by looking to see if it is bolded in these areas, on every listing.  If you can see the bolded keyword on every listing, this shows you that the website’s ranking for this keyword are well-optimized for that phrase.

Check How Many Backlinks Your Competitors Have

If you did not see the keyword in the title and description of the sites, and if not all of the sites are high in page rank, you should also check the backlink count of the top sites.  There are different tools that you can use to check this.  However, remember that this is just for information – gone are the days when backlink building is the most important thing!

Write Content People Want To Read

The most important thing about any content that you write is to make it interesting and something people actually want to read.  Gone are the days when just looking up keywords on Google’s Keyword Research Tool and putting them into a unique article was enough.  Now you need to put thought into what you are writing and above all else, make sure it is valuable enough that people are going to actually want to read it.

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