How to Set Up an Entire Business Website in a Week

Businesspeople and entrepreneurs need to hit the market as fast as possible with a new product or service so it’s important to learn How to Set Up an Entire Business Website in a Week.

That desire is often tempered by the fact that you have plenty of administration and many tasks to tackle before you can actually begin to trade, and this can often mean waiting months for your paperwork to pass and your infrastructure to come together.

In this short article, we’ll look at how you can accelerate this process to learn How to Set Up an Entire Business Website in a Week.

Website Builders Versus Web Design Agency


Let’s first get you registered as a business.

This takes about half an hour of filling in online forms provided by your local government, and can only be completed if you know how your business is going to look, what name it’ll have, and the basic ways in which you’ll trade.

Getting registered is a major step towards you owning your company.

Accounting and Admin

Get your financials sorted early to save yourself a tax headache down the line.

While you’re on the paperwork tasks, it’s also best to get a business bank account set up with accounting assistance.

You options are to either buy in through software or outsource to by finding a local accountant to take you onto their books.

Again, with modern digital banks, this can take only half an hour to complete.


Now you’re going to concentrate on your business infrastructure, and that means building a website.

If you don’t feel incredibly confident using Wix or WordPress to build a site using templates, it’s recommended that you look straight for outsourced help on this one.

Try a website design company like ALT Agency, who will be able to tackle your project far quicker than you and your team, producing a workable website in a shorter space of time.


If you’re planning on making sales online, it’s now time to link your website up with your business bank account, and you’ll usually do this through an eCommerce plugin on your website.

Getting this right so that cash flows into your bank account when individuals make purchases on your website is crucially important for small businesses in their fledgling phase.

You’ll be able to work with your web design company to get this feature built from the get-go and functional within a week.


The final part of the puzzle is marketing.

You can set up a business in a week, but what you’re doing it for is to trade within the week; to be open for business and to attract that business.

And you’ll do that with marketing activities in mind.

Again, you can outsource to marketing agencies and those firms that specialize in SEO best-practice.

They will create a campaign in a matter of hours.

The benefit of this work will take a month or two to be indexed and available in search results – this is when your marketing campaign gains traction online.

Building a business website from scratch in a week is possible – but these key steps will need to be taken for you to start attracting customers as soon as your firm is online.

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