How To Manage a Single Email Address with Multiple Users Without Going Crazy.

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Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business PicMonkey-Collage How To Manage a Single Email Address with Multiple Users Without Going Crazy. All Posts Blogging Small Business  tips multi users how to email  At Thinking Outside The Sandbox we have one main email address for both blogs.  Cat and I both manage the email and things can get a little confusing sometimes.

Managing your inbox is very personal.  Some people like to have no messages shown while others like to have everything kept in the inbox ‘just in case’.

I will admit I am much more particular about how the inbox looks than Cat.

Here are my tips on how to keep your inbox organized so I do not lose my mind you both know exactly where everything is.

1) Color coordination. We use Gmail and it has a neat star system integrated in it.  If you click on the star next to the email it will change colours (this can be configured under settings).  We use different star colours for different reasons.  For example, if I need to read or respond to anything it is marked with a red star.

2) Use your folders.  I hope there is not a limit on how many folders you can use because I use those suckers for everything.  Having many well-described folders is like having your own file system.  You always know where to look when you cannot find something.

3) Check the trash. You should always check your trash (and spam) every few days because you just never know if something inadvertently got sent there.  This is particularly true with multi-user inboxes.  One of us could be waiting on an important email which the other thinks is trash (true story).

4) Check the Date.  As a general rule of thumb I do not like anything to sit in the inbox that is over a month old.  If I haven’t responded in that time it is probably not something we are interested in.

How do you keep your inbox organized?


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