Quick Tip: Product Descriptions


If you sell a product, ensure your product descriptions are clear and concise. You need to identify the size, material composition, and available colors. Language used must be universally common for e Commerce. In fact, don’t use acronyms like TOTS (Thinking Outside The Sandbox) as no one will know what it means. Include description of what the product is recommended to do or what solution it provides. The photo should depict exactly what the customer is buying, including color options. Or alternatively, it is clearly explained that the product is not as shown or what is excluded.

Product Descriptions

The customer is not obligated to ‘figure out’ what is included with the product purchase. In brief, provide an accurate description and photo so the customer can determine if the product is what they want. You will loose sales to cautious customers and customers who take the chance and buy may not be happy with their order. Returns are expensive for a number of reasons and are ultimately a customer experience “fail”.

Well written product descriptions and photo’s are your best opportunity to sell a product. Use this opportunity wisely as you will not get a second chance!

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