What to Do with All Those Photos on Your Phone

image of 3 brothers image printed on a canvas print is What to Do with All Those Photos on Your Phone

As I sat down in my home office this morning, sunlight streamed through the window and landed on a hanging canvas prints of my sons.

They were around 5, 3, and 1, holding hands at dusk with colorful fireworks lighting the night sky behind them.

As I waited for my computer to boot up, I sipped my cold brew and let myself bask in that sweet memory.

You see, those same boys are nearly all grown up now.

Two are in college, and we have just one left at home.

Older people would warn me how fast the time goes, and they were actually right (even though it annoyed me at the time—and probably does you, too).

I just couldn’t see it because I was completely immersed in little people and their needs.

Plus, I had a home and career to manage, too.

But my friend, you, too, will wake up someday and wonder where the time went.

I do that a lot, especially after having moved our second son to college just last week.

I’m happiest when our five are together, but eventually, our children grow and change and leave.

You might find yourself thinking, the nerve! Why did I teach them to be independent, anyway? It’s okay; it’s part of the grieving process…but that’s another post entirely.

Thanks to the wizardry of Father Time, I’m so glad that everywhere I turn in my house, I see canvases of my boys through the years.

Though it took some effort to choose the best pictures and get them printed, I’m so glad I took the time to order personalized prints.

There’s no better or more treasured art than the smiling faces of our tiny humans.

images of canvas prints of 3 brothers hung on a wall is What to Do with All Those Photos on Your Phone

Print Your Kids Photos and Save Money

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Take the time to print and preserve those darling memories.

Trust me—in a handful of years, you’ll be glad you did. As for me, my canvas prints and poster prints will be going to the nursing home with me someday!

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