Etsy Shop Spotlight – SelkieMum

Etsy Shop Spotlight – SelkieMum

Etsy Shop Spotlight – SelkieMum

If you are in the market for nursing covers, cloth wipes, coffee cozies, bunting/banners, nursing pads or eye masks be sure to check out SelkieMum!

For more than four years, Jennie has been making handmade nursing pads and covers with flair, baby dresses with vintage appeal, coffee sleeves that put the “cozy” in coffee cozy, eye masks to help with beauty sleep and more!

What have you learned since opening your shop?

At first, I thought I could just list things and the sales would roll in.

Then, as I was teaching myself about business, I put tons of time into making products and trying to take better product photos.

There is a ton of competition on Etsy, and I worked hard to get noticed.

I put a lot of time into products, only to have them sit around on my shelves.

Now, I pretty much only do custom, bulk orders. For me, it wasn’t worth it to have to keep fussing with $5 orders.

Now, when I make a sale I earn more and have more time to fill the order.

I am still profiting from all the time I put in before; I sell ready-made products in local shops and I still use the photos I initially took.

What is one piece of advice you want someone opening a shop to know?

Don’t set your prices too low. You need to cover all your costs and pay yourself a reasonable amount or you will just get frustrated.

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