How To Handle Bad Reviews: From One WAHM To Another

How To Handle Bad Reviews

Whether it be a bad review, an angry email from a customer or a mean comment on a blog, here are some tips on how to deal with the “dissatisfied customer”. If you’re relating this to your blog think of the customer as your audience.

Sleep on it

Take a day before answering. As with everyday relationships, you will most likely regret replying to someone in anger. If you verbally abuse your customer, no matter how good it feels, word will get out and it will ruin the impression of your company. It is important to maintain a good reputation with your business and you don’t want it tainted because of an angry blow up at a customer. You want to reply rationally, not emotionally. Talk to your support group, whether it be fellow businessperson on a forum, or your best friend. Ask them for their opinions on how to handle the situation. They will be able to look at the situation more rationally since the negativity is not being directed towards them.

Don’t take it personally

You can’t please everyone. There will always be customers who are unhappy no matter what you do for them, these are the kind of people who enjoy complaining. When someone says something negative about your business or your blog it’s hard to not let it take a toll on your ego. For some people their business is like their baby, or an extension of themselves. So when someone leaves a bad review or a spiteful comment it’s like they are directly criticizing you. Understand that sometimes there are just people who like to bring others down and the internet is their favorite place to do so. (Please refer to TROLLS:

Learn from your mistakes

If the bad review is because you have made a mistake on your end, try and see how you can learn from it and avoid the mistake in the future. Make sure the policies of your business are always very clear to your customers. People get lazy and often don’t read the fine print. So make sure the same information is available in more than one place. Let your customers know personally.


Breathe in, now breathe out all the bad from the experience. While there will always be an unhappy customer along the road, your goal should be to have as many happy customers as possible and to appreciate them. If there are more satisfied customers than unhappy customers, then you are going down the right road. No matter what there will be someone who is not pleased, this is a normal part of business and as a business owner you can prepare in advance how to deal with these situations, so when it comes up in the future you can handle it as the cool, collected professional that you are.


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