Working on Vacation – How To Work Without REALLY working!

How to blog on vacation
We just came home from another wonderful visit to Hilton Head Island.  (this is our home away from home).   I try to only blog for 15 minutes a day when I am on vacation and this is how I accomplish that: Working on Vacation - How To Work Without REALLY working!
Write in the car.  If you have an iPhone, you can do this for free.  You can easily connect your laptop to the internet in the car and work the whole trip.   I blog for 8 hours in the car (4 there, 4 back).
Ask for guest posts.  I plan ahead.  About a month before I go, I post in my Facebook Group, asking for guest posts.   I  ask them to send them to me within a week, not because I am leaving yet, but because people tend to forget.  If you give them a  month to get it to you, you probably won’t get it.
Return the favor by sharing some of their posts.   I also ask them for two of their favorite posts and I include them in their guest posts, by saying “Thanks to Becky for this post.  See two of my favorites here:.. “
Schedule everything.  I schedule all of my social media posts (normally I don’t recommend scheduling Twitter posts).  I set up my posts and social media touts to go out at the same time on all of the days that I will be gone.
Check your e-mail daily and if you can’t, have an auto-response ready.  I still check my e-mail every day because I get a lot of sponsored posts to my e-mail.   If I miss even one day, I could potentially pass up a lot of money.   I don’t spend a lot of time on here, I just flag the important emails so that I know that those are the ones that  I need to check first when we are done with vacation.  (In the meantime, I answer the very important ones while on vacation).
Wake up and check your blog in the morning.  First thing, before breakfast, before going on a bike ride, before the pool… check your blog.  Just a quick check to be sure that your scheduled post went up.
Becky Mansfield 


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