5 Productivity Tips that Will Improve Your Entrepreneurial Life

The modern mom does not equal a stay-at-home mom, contrary to what may or may not have historically been the interpretation of the word “mom”.

The modern woman is focused on and hungry for success and entrepreneurship, and the good news is that the children do not have to be an obstacle in that regard.

These following 5 productivity Tips that Will Improve Your Entrepreneurial Life will help every mom out there looking to improve their life as an entrepreneur.

5 Productivity Tips that Will Improve Your Entrepreneurial Life

Know that you can do it

Everyone knows that children are a huge obligation – they’re either the most important thing in your life, or you’re being a bad mom for putting other priorities first.

If you think that you can’t do it, look for a role model in the vast number of people who don’t have children, but are entrepreneurs in addition to having a full-time job.

What drives them?

It’s quite simple: one of the best parts of entrepreneurship is the option to disregard growth.

As a businessperson, you are in control of your business: when an opportunity for growth appears, you can either hire more staff, start making large investments and immensely boost your profits, or focus on other things and keep stuff running smoothly, without making too much of a time investment.

The spirit of entrepreneurship doesn’t necessarily dictate growth; it gives you the unique opportunity to establish a company that will generate revenue without requiring a great investment of time.

5 Productivity Tips that Will Improve Your Entrepreneurial Life
Know that you can do it – Photo by StockSnap

2.     Hire carefully

You are a mom – you know what it’s like to be a parent.

Well, although business ownership might trigger your maternal instincts, it is essential that you don’t act on them every time.

It all starts at the hiring process: find a responsible, creative and, above all, passionate team.

And once found all you’ll have to do once your business is established is get out of their way.

This is the exact reason why large-scale firms require strict working hours: the more people are involved, the less dedication to the cause they will have.

If you can assemble a crew that complements your entrepreneurial spirit, your own work hours will start to drop, leaving you with enough time to take care of your kids.


3.     Establish a routine

One of the main benefits of being an entrepreneur is that you are the one who dictates your work hours.

Unfortunately, this can easily lead you to lack of organization and you’ll actually end up wasting quality time that you can spend with your children.

Pick a routine that suits you perfectly, depending on other factors in your household and stick to it.

Keep in mind, however, that shuffling through routines isn’t a routine in and of itself.


5 Productivity Tips that Will Improve Your Entrepreneurial Life

Establish a routine – Photo by FotografieLink

4.     Organize

No matter how open-to-interpretation the modern entrepreneurial life is, this doesn’t mean that the lack of organization is acceptable.

First of all, your business, like every other business, will require space.

As a solopreneur, you won’t be able to do your work from the living room.

Designate an area within your home that will be, for all intents and purposes, your office.

Next, create a weekly schedule.

As a business owner, there’s a ton of stuff to be covered, and you’ll get nowhere without planning.

Use scheduling software, write it down on a piece of paper, but always keep your agenda in mind.

Finally, work-related tools, from your PC desktop, to your actual desktop, shelves and documents needs to be selectively organized.

Invest into quality gadgets such as Dymo LabelWriter 450 to help you deal with all your labeling needs, from file folders to addresses and contacts!

5 Productivity Tips that Will Improve Your Entrepreneurial Life


5.     Eat healthy and exercise

Yes, this part is that important.

If you’re not at 100% physically, you won’t be able to perform quality work, let alone simultaneously parent your children.

When it comes to your diet, healthy eating habits take time to develop.

Make sure you invest enough time in the beginning and everything will soon start running smoothly.

Contrary to what you may think, exercise can actually be made to perfectly fit your schedule – there are many interesting fitness challenges that will leave you huffing and puffing, without taking up too much of your time.

The essence of rock-solid mompreneurship is learning how to fit everything into your own lifestyle.

To conclude; being a mom and an entrepreneur at that is not only possible, but the two are perfectly compatible nowadays.

All it takes is some dedication, time and discipline, and things will soon start working themselves out.


What are your Tips that Will Improve Your Entrepreneurial Life? Please comment below.

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