3 Top Ways to Add FUN to Your Workouts

3 Top Ways to Add FUN to Your Workouts

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A Fun Workout you may ask? Is there such a thing? The answer is YES!

Workouts come in all shapes and sizes. And can be fun! Yes it begins with how you look at it. If you dread a workout from the beginning then that is what you will probably get, but if you are ready to see 3 things that can add Fun to your workouts pay close attention!

Find something you enjoy! Do something active that you LIKE to do! If you do not like to go to the gym and workout find something else that you enjoy doing. Perhaps it is dancing, walking, running, aerobics, rock climbing, yoga, or Zumba just to name a few… If you enjoy doing it chances are you will want to do it more. One of my new favourites is Just Dance 2014 on the X-Box. My kids and I have so much fun doing this!

Get a workout buddy. Chances are that if you have agreed to workout with a friend or to meet a friend the less likely you are to make up an excuse of why you cannot go. Ideally pick up a consistent time and day or days that you will meet this person and therefore you will have more success of making sure that you do it.

Have a ‘finishing’ reward. Perhaps this is coffee after with a friend, a quiet mediation down at the beach, or elsewhere. For longer committed times, for example if you commit to 6 weeks and follow through you may want to reward yourself with a pedicure or maybe a new shirt.

So now that you know 3 ways to add that FUN into your workouts, take action today and know that you will feel like the new you in no time.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Have FUN and Happy Workouts!

Jennifer Singer ☺

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